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he has a girlfriend
I know!!!!
He is always sleeping with girls and cheating on his gf Rachel Feldman. He even got another girl pregnant while they were together and she still took his lying ass back. How pathetic.
Edwards steps on everyone's lines and jokes. Makes know-it-all comments on every subject and upstages every guest. It's painfully obvious the girls pander to him out of fear of losing there jobs. The show is becoming unwatchable! He needs to go!
Dated him off and on for 4 years here in phx, he will never grow up. Only thinks about him self. I'm now pregnant with his child and he won't take responsibility lol wants me to have an abortion. His mom should've aborted his butt.
I saw her at the Zoogala, Dam that orange dress fit tight,
Maybe this should be Thaddeus Coleman's boyfriend, watch yourself ladies, he likes Asian cock
I would be R-Kal Friend first then girlfriend and then a lovely wife.
Reply-to:hes an abuser stay awaynot true.  I have dated him....
I believe hes gay!
Hes crazy! Does NOT use a condom and crazy!
Are u kidding me???? Tracy is the biggest hoe out there. The mr nice guy act gets old. He got a million bitches in every city and he plays everyone left. He does have the baby mama. He tells every girl the same story about how they mean something to him. I know because I got that told to along with several other women I spoke to that had the same story. A hoe is a hoe don't let him fool u
OMG this is spot on.
NFL needs to pick up goodie
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James Robinson
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