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sick mother, leave me alone, I'm having a baby, none of ur genes I pray to God. oh and lobstah
Waste of space
He has manipulated me into thinking that all these posts are the media and that I shouldn't listen to them.
They do u remember when u told me when you were with your fiancé that backwards cowboy was your favorite pisition🤑🤔😜.!!! Oy is that average Emily's favorite sex posy? Demonstrate you two😎😍😅! Swingers. Sexy as heck. Love you gave me details when you were engaged you little naughty cowboy cheater you?👆🏻😆😳
Did you ever cheat on Emily? True or false👆🏻honesty best policy
I think his girlfriend is Taryn Bell
Hey, my name is Brody. I had a Gay relationship with Andrej in 2015. No details to spare but wish the NHL had more leaneancy towards players being gay with each otber!!
he's a cheater
Is Bloody still in the states? Who's his girlfriend!!?
Bite the bullet and trade him for a used Zamboni
This guy needs to be in the minors to learn how to play defence properly. Same mistakes game after game...
Today he posted on his snapchat that's "he needed a boy fren"
Lisa Marie Fabean , West New Ton PA
Do you have A Girlfriend?
Think he has 20 chicks at once.
Its as though the whole world is out of its auto-completin mind o_0
shitty D-man
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Garrett wilson
I met her and her friend once, shes gorgyyyyy!!!!
This guy simply has no business playing in the NHL
Lisa Marie Fabean 37 Adam Frazier is 25 years old he said again don't matter to him!
Lisa Marie Fabean , West New Ton PA
If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
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