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i wanna date this beauty <3
Matt gotschall Private Music/Albums/mp3 FTP 1990-2018: Plan A: 20 EUR - 200GB - 30 Days Plan B: 45 EUR - 600GB - 90 Days Plan C: 80 EUR - 1500GB - 180 Days
He was dating Rainsford “Rainey” Qualley, daughter of Andie McDowell a while ago.
I love pageau so much
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he’s a manwh0reeeee
Jesus loves the New Jersey Devils🐿
He invented sucking.
I don't think he's gay! 😂 I just think he's super private about girls he's dating and/or hooking up with 😉 (I wonder if he likes Russian or American girls 🤔) The fact that there's never been a girl around makes me feel like there's hope for me yet! (Vlad if you're reading this; PLEASE don't get married before you meet me!) I've had my eye on him for like 3 years but I'm really shy about it. I'm not the type of girl to be thirsty on social media, I don't follow him on anything (I can't even believe I'm on this site 😝)
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Lol they just said getting it out of the zone is difficult for gardiner as seen on that play. Kind of an asset being a d man and I doubt your goalie wants you playing net with him gtfo out of the way you mutt. Most ices on the team connect a pass or two dumshit!! Hahaha so pathetic. Leafs are a man short when he dresses
Terrible can’t score
He can never seem to win when he is the starter this year! I never truly liked him nor his play style. Yet for some reason he does just enough to keep a roster spot! Girrrrr!
Is he single?
My opinion stands. Look where he is now.
Currently dating Jennifer Guardino whom he met in rehab and still married to his ex wife.. They are expecting their first child
Well, here we go again. The guy learned to play in Denmark. I hope that's an excuse because he is a terrible goalie. He's a big guy who makes himself small. The butterfly is the only trick in his bag; he's down too soon on everything. The Homers on Sportsnet won't call him on it. Instead, they're overdoing it with the praise for the guy at the other end all night. The Leafs will NOT win with the dumb Viking.
used to be a hockey player- now he is a repressed negro.
He sucks. He always has. Lose him and we get better!!!!!!!
Hooked up once, kinda rude
why is Babcock so in love with this guy???? He should have been gone along time ago.
He's so dreamy
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