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you played 4 of first 33 games and i use the term loosely (played) helluva season whose your agent??????
Still want to know about his girlfriend?
Def. cheats but not like she'll believe us!
this guy is in for it! oyee!
Luca caputi gets married
If he is married he's been a bad boy. We had a fun night together ;)
woow he's lucky to haver her lol
She is a singer and dancer. Professional
Kelly is beautiful and happy.She looked beautiful for her birthday, she's about the femininity and grace. She is girl and woman, good that she had not stayed with a this idiot, sorry Alex but you are big fuqker
Benjamin Kramer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
all the best men are very taken
My Religion teacher ( first name Courtney, last initial B ) claims she is his girlfriend and that recently she flew down to Jamaica for a wedding and he surprised her by showing up there. He doesnt follow her on instagram and there are no pictures with her on it either
no f you whatever is your name cuze tyler brown is mines
She's one of my high school teachers
He needs to be sent to providence and if he can't produce there he is picked the wrong profession
Dirty weak little man. He and Kadri are bath house pals.
No,now I will be full of watermelon lemonade for 3 days­čśŐ
He is not faithful ever lmao
Karen Villaruz, San Jose, Ca
Eric maybe you should focus more on your hockey than all these girls! You've played in only 1/4 of the games this season and if you want to get resigned anywhere, maybe you should take a hiatus from playing the field so much and watching the AVS play from the stands
He's slow and makes more turnovers than Pilsbury. At least he's already scored his annual goal. Paired with Frank Corrado they'd average -4 every night.
On cbs news they asked a guy why supporting Trump and he answered :Trump has more coverage than verizon#meme edumacated
Lol Kayla moved in with him KNOWING he cheats. Sad sad sad
She gave birth - a baby boy
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