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perfect example of a spoiled rotten little rich kid, that when the going gets tough he folds like the little p%%%y he is. Good job Dominic, you F^&(ing P&^^Y.
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Andreas seppi likes fukking pepsi
Richard gasquet
Just lost to Denis Istomen. A journeyman camel jockey. Pathetic. Chokovic your career is DONE! Steady decline is only continuing. Retire now and save some face you fukking Eurotrash bum
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He is so fking bad it makes me cringe
I can beat him easiky
You'll never be good cuntkinakkiw
Happi Bower, California
Lazy lazy lazy lazy
Nadal lost to Kyrgios in fast4, nick if your reading this I am tracking you down and I will murder you and your family.
novak djokovic defeats andy murray at qatar open. bravo! no blow job for andy murray from judy murray due to this loss.
Federer is a old bastard that is slowly deteriorating
This guy needs serious psychiatric help. He is FUKKED UP. Can't wait for this douche to realize that the people he calls friends are nothing but friends of convenience which are mooching off, Sock everyone hates you.
Sock ironically has "NO COCK" and what he did does have is completely deformed.
I banged wawrinkas dick
Fckin Hate This French Cnt!
Margaret Elizabeth Rosemary lyons, northern ireland
Has just applied for a part time job in a local fast food emporium. His specialty ??? Janitorial services. Yes Tommy've finally found your niche...Now you can have all your homosexual buddies stop by for a burger and a shake...filled with warm semen...
Both Mirka and Roger are ugly
I really dislike him
This homosexual piece of feces has won only $180, five years. You can make that much working in a fast food restaurant as a janitor. He is a pathetic excuse for a tennis player.Fukk You worthless piece of fecal matter.
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