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He got assraped by a guy named Guido. How sad is this?
Nice fat ass two ass tsonga
Match fixing piece of shit. Like Murray said, everyone on the court hates him
He sucks! Truly pathetic again today against Sock! Smh..
Crude and stupid
Worst player I've ever ever seen. How is this clown a pro
Speaking of Rusev what about WWE's Alexander Rusev. He's a beast, Rusev crush....him and Jinder Mahal are doing their thing Http://
Lost first round of Dubai to DANIR DZHUMHUR whatever he's called this fat smelly inbred fuc*z his dad and his mum has rabies no wonder he's so fuc*ing ugly
Nice hairy erect penis and butt
Son of a bitch full of asshole shit
You have a beautiful ass
LMAO Donald Young is a disgrace to the sport of tennis
I wouldn't mind taking a sniff of his man-scent. Kinda hot.
There is one angry curly cunt who needs a nice rectal massage to soothe his anger. Try the Thai twirl you angry faggot
So annoying to me to hear Andrew Carter being referred to as a celebrity. He speaks over and constantly interrupts guests and regular show staff, like his opinion is what we are waiting for. NOT. Never misses a chance to ask people if their jobs pay well. I now only tune in at 7 AM to hear the news, weather and traffic, then off and onto a better station, sorry you can't get Terri back, how wonderful to listen to him every morning
Is so shit deserves to play ITF tournaments.
can't wait until he has a career ending injury and his wife gets cancer
Andy No-dick
I think we have finally seen the last of this worthless mother fukking homosexual bag of douche. He has hooked up with this Botox queen and they make a lovely couple. He with his mini cock and she with those monster nigger lips.Good riddance you mother fukking scum bag.
Roger is a legend for his tennis not his wife or grease mop.
Mirka must do some very good work in the bedroom coz she is an elephant.
Ryan Harrison let me tell you something. You're shit.
No more grand slams for you and Djokobitch
Ivan Dogshit
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