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I hope this little ratbag loser gets cancer and f*cks off he's so bad, literally biggest journeyman in tennis no wonder sharapove sacked this clown off
ugly sack of shit
Yeh right what about my daughter
What happened to the Bachelot court case? You pay her off you pos?
Viktor, you are garbage, period.
kei nishikori the nip loses to zverev at citi open. that one is for the uss arizona!
Pock-marked wife-abusing pedophile
lol. this moron had to withdraw from citi open. good riddens you POS.
“Novak Djokovic quietly withdraws from tennis for the rest of the year amidst new revelations of drug cheating. “ BBC Sports.1:44 PM - Jul 29, 2017“Tennis greats unite urging ATP for stricter drug testing to clamp down on tennis players who are ruining tennis for everyone else.” BBC Sports.2:18 PM - July 29, 2017
Absolute garbage
Literally son of a bitch.has no talent seems like earning money only by betting with bookies on his games.
She's nigga
Her IQ and her shoe size are the same...
I just watched the United v RSL game. The worst part about it was having to listen to Moreno call the game. What a ducking moron. I would almost rather listen to Twellman.
Watching him play doubles with Heather Watson I felt he was not macho.  He deff has his feminine side..
No talent.
What are you saying! I love murray his bulging biceps have turned many a head over the years and i will support him till the day i die.  You bunch of useless wankers should remove yourself from society
Adrian in my opinion is most probably gay,  I thought  he showed this Wimbledon his professionalism and what a great tennis payer he is: having watched his match this week playing Djokovich I thought he showed moments of awkwardness in his body language and persona on court, however, as a tennis player he is there to entertain the public with his skills and he proved that to us.  I wish him well with his tennis career and also his personal life! 
overrated berdick
He is a disgrace to tennis
Got your ass handed to you in Five sets and I think I Kn ow why..... Y spend a lot of time pulling the seat of your shorts so much that I think the stink of sweaty shit, on your fingers, finally got to you...
What a gutless cunt
I. Lucak, North America
He is with rachel stuhlman look at her Instagram and Facebook
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