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Anytime a black man can sleep with a white woman, he will.
Grigor can suck my asshole. William Burgess doesnt know shit about tennis
All Latvians are ugly inbred Roma's, even when their parents have some $$$
Pathetic. Straight up..
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The worst tennis player I’ve ever seen this fukker needs to get cancer and die what an absolute fukking loser. I hope his wife has still borns
stupid idiots all of you haters
He Belongs to Royal family of Tripura. He is not from Manipur ...
World number 1 and LOSES to DAVID GOFFIN aim the ATP finals 😂😂 tennis is a joke it’s a game for posh kids it’s pathetic and sad pft
Fukc!ng Pathetic!
This guy never wins yet is always the favorite. Wtf is that. This guy a complete shit eating faggot. I hope he cuts his dick off with toe nail clippers.
Absolutely pathetic..
Way he walks and acts HAS to be gay
UP 4-2 in the set.... gets broke 😂 then up 4-1 in the tie break to PHILIPP KOHSCHREIBER and LOSES this waste of space needs to get cancer and finally fu*k off off my TB. Hope his fat trailer trash mum gets breast cancer so this lanky idiot can stop sucking on her ti*s
Milos sucks jack socks mooseball on a daily basis
His face makes me want to puke forever
What a loser! He needs to go eat a big bag of rotten cocks
Hate this doping druggy. Massive ears too. Hope he gets Parkinson’s disease
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