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what does Andrew Carters girlfriend look like
Has the best serve in the game and still can’t figure it out. Change the hair. Do something. You r actually a joke
He looks like a guy i know called dizzler. Lanky white dude with a shit tennis game.Maybe they are twins!?He is no champ, more of a chump
Does he have a girlfriend
He plays very well
Hahaha he sucks again
toni guest, draper, utah
Youre a giant waste of space turd who will NEVER win a major. Great serve horrible tennis player
he has an asian side girl
Absolute shit 😂😂😂 lets get a racket and play with balls ha. What a gay bastard
You should juat quit
Clutch! Move love my man ;)
Another first round flameout for mushy mouth tomic. How can someone so patheic not instantly kill himself?!
Andrew Thomas is one of the directors of the television production that goes on in Impact WrestlingTwitter @IMPACTWRESTLINGTwitter @poptvTwitter @FightNetTwitter @TherealAbyssTHEMONSTERABYSS.COMTwitter @@_AndrewEverettTwitter @MrGMSI_BCageTwitter @calebkonleyFacebook.Com/CalebKonleyOfficialInstagram.Com/calebkonleyTwitter @TheDaveCristTwitter WilliamsTwitter @DezmondXavierTwitter @IAmDJZInstagram:@iamDJZTwitter @TheEddieEdwardsTwitter @hijodelfantasmaInstagram:@hijodelfantasmaTwitter @FALLAH1Twitter @gradowrestlingTwitter @SuperMexCTMInstagram:@cideoutlaw5150Twitter @joeshendryTwitter @TheRealMorrisonTwitter @realKILLEEKrossTwitter @MadKing1981Twitter @ImpactKMTwitter @RealKongoKongTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @findevanTwitter @TheMooseNationTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @iPeteyWilliamsTwitter @GottaGetSwannTwitter @TheSamiCallihanTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @ScottSteinerTwitter @Twitter @taiji_ishimoriTwitter @THETOMMYDREAMERTwitter @TLee910
He’s the size of a pencil the skinny, Serbian immigrant dickhead, hope his wife has a car crash he’s had the same hair cut since he was 5
The Cock Sock has re-invented himself as a strong advocate of the LBGT Community in New York. He loves the oral sex industry and will be a staunch advocate in the future.
Galina Sabkova, Hamburg
because hes a gord.
Monfils hates black ppl
You can do it Andy.  We all earned to ride a bike!  Keep your testicles duct taped to your anus.  (which we all know you prefer anyhow)
This guys a gay p.o.s. doesn't even try. Ugly fat skinny guy
Broke first in the 1st & 2nd set. Yet proceeds to lose both of them choking to L. Mayer in straight sets. Smfh..
This piece of human waste material is the undisputed King of the Puerto Rican Shower... AKA a can of Right Guard Deodorant !!
I love Marvo
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