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Haase = Definition of Sh!t..
I hope you get skin cancer you gay french skinny cu*t, you have no shoulders and lost to idiots all the time I would love Isis to get hold of you you fuc*ing loser
System is killing me
Surely this guy is gay?!?!?
Out in straight sets, yo old ass was absolutely pathetic. Damn!!
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jsock being a jerk at Houston Clay Courts
Worst Spanish tennis player ever born. I really hope this Down syndrome loser get cancer or captured by Isis because his mother deserves raping
i hate the fact that this chump represents our country on a global stage
IU know onwe thing about this bag of douche. Tennis is not in his future. I think he is best suited to work in either in fast food or the oral sex industry. He is good at both of these, and better than most !
That Hair? What's with That Fukking Hair ? All these god damn coons have brillo looks like it's infested with roaches or something. What's with the Hair ??? Survey of most trustworthy and best Forex companies
He got assraped by a guy named Guido. How sad is this?
Nice fat ass two ass tsonga
Match fixing piece of shit. Like Murray said, everyone on the court hates him
He sucks! Truly pathetic again today against Sock! Smh..
Crude and stupid
Worst player I've ever ever seen. How is this clown a pro
Speaking of Rusev what about WWE's Alexander Rusev. He's a beast, Rusev crush....him and Jinder Mahal are doing their thing Http://
Lost first round of Dubai to DANIR DZHUMHUR whatever he's called this fat smelly inbred fuc*z his dad and his mum has rabies no wonder he's so fuc*ing ugly
Nice hairy erect penis and butt
Son of a bitch full of asshole shit
You have a beautiful ass
LMAO Donald Young is a disgrace to the sport of tennis
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