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This piece of human waste material is the undisputed King of the Puerto Rican Shower... AKA a can of Right Guard Deodorant !!
I love Marvo
How can u loose to someone who is behind u in terms of ranking, 10-15 years lesser experienced too and u are two sets up and into tie breaker in final set....match fixed clearly
fcking suck, yea chimp
He and Michala broke up. Unfollowed each other on IG and deleted each other’s pics.
U win 1st set 6-1 against zverev on clay then u choke it away u were bought off u piece of shit!!!
When does it all Ends. When Federer will fade finally. I am disgusted to see how such an average Player can control the Tennis for years. It is a shame to see what Tennis has become. You can look for years to find such legends as Edberg, connors, borg. And not to Forget. John McEnroe the greatest Player ever. Overall (single and double) he is the mst successful Player ever and do not Forget 5 times Daviscup champion
Very annoying, especially when you have Kruk and Kuip and Miller. Javi Lopez is better. Sorry
He is gay. I date him.
The worst player of all timeShitty backhandShitty tennisShitty faceShitty personA true son of a bitch
Jack Sock = Small Dick + Very little balls
Guess your crucifex and prayers aint helping you win in miami. Shouldve let that priest nail you some more when you were a little altar boy then god would really be on your side
he deserves an automatic rifle stuffed down his pee hole, he's a worthless trump-sniffing NRA-loving KKK inbred hayseed hick yokel cracker
Продукт Eroctive для потенции представляет ценность для мужчин, имеющих проблемы в половой жизни. Состав препарата позволяет решить ряд
Lost again
Wtf is with his skin? Its like craters and scabs and zits and he's like 40 ffs
Tanks on the court, tanks in the jungle, tanks with his model girlfriend, tanks on the challenger circuit
Novak Dopovic not so good anymore, out of AO2018.
He spent too long on the tit - знакомства москва пары - знакомства 14 москва - москва онлайн знакомства - объявления знакомства москва - парни москвы знакомства
Anytime a black man can sleep with a white woman, he will.
Grigor can suck my asshole. William Burgess doesnt know shit about tennis
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