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Luke Hodge has been granted the opportunity of being the captain of Hawkthorn, yet he proceeds to behave an ignorant child who abuses his power on the field as well as in his social life. Multiple times I have watched as Luke Hodge starts fights with innocent football players. An example of this is Chad Winguard. Also he drink drives but he is suppose to be a role model for children. he is the furtherst thign f rom a from a role mdoel
Hello. And Bye.
just worked with him in Calgary on set.  Great director, so nice, nad incredibly knowledgeable.  fantastic experience.emily
I hate everyone here
So the chick on Social media claiming to be Dustin Martins wife???... stalker?
he sucks
Her boobs are soGood
Stewart crameri
Dates a players sister from Carlton, I think it's Fevola'a little sister
Engaged. Announced soon.
I heard he was engaged to a Kwinana girl just wondered
he is my cousin! people stop being rude!
where you bo
glad he left Carlton..Lachie Plowman is a much better player and plays in the same position mostly.
Daniel Menzel
Sleeps with my friend all the time
Zoey friend is a thief and a liar
Oh my god... Dangerwood has become the obsession of the every-bloody-human-in-this-footy-world now... Not complaining or anything.. It would be as good as watching those well made 3D movies... actually no, better
Huge penis
He married today. Sorry girls
Yeah mate he's got a ripper of a boyfriend. Roots him daily up the ack door
Talera Gollan-Davies
Has anyone seen his wife's Instagram account? Jeeez he'd be lucky to have any money when he's finished!! What a vain piece of work!!
Overrated player
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