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He is dating Kim miller
He and Elle Rooke broke up. Lucky guy she's a stuck-up mole. He can d so much better.
No he's with Hayley. They live together. hes straight.
Mmmmm....pretty sure I can personally confirm he isn’t 😍😍😍
Leave him alone. He's not trying to be secretive, just private. I know what it's like to be that person because I am one of those people
He's married to Georgia
He's single. Or at least I hope he doesn't have a girlfriend because I've seen him out and about over the past few weeks with different girls
They're back now. Saw Brandon out last night
He's dating Georgia. How old is she? She looks so young.
He's dating Arina Bukic.
He was engaged t this girl named Erika but the broke up. He dated Ciara until a few weeks ago but he's single now.
Luke is married to Amy Pollard
He's single and out partying with Dustin Martin. I've seen them out and about chatting up the young girls.
does majak daw have a girlfriend?
Totally agree about Dustin. Not as nice as he portrays himself to be...
he's such a sexy bitch
he has a girlfriend but she's so ugly. he could do so much better than her...I really don't get it...
I think he has an open relationship. Either that or he continuously cheats on his gf
He and Kasia Z broke up
He's married to Brooke Cotchin after she on Clint Bartam with Trent
He's married to Sarah. Total bimbo not even pretty
he is dating Jamie Scymamas
no he's engaged to aleesha
His partners name is Kirstie Miller. They grew up together
Yes he has a girlfriend
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