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I would love to date him
He's shit
First off i don't know anything about his girlfriend or even he has one.  But i can say this. i was the captain on a chartered plane to a shoot he directed in the Bahamas last year.  There were plenty of pretty women on the plane and the shoot who were very flirty.  That is noraml with directors. Most directors would have made a play.  He wanted nothing to do with that, eventhough he is VERY STRAIGHT. He is the most respectable director i have ever flown and have flown many.  He was even nice enough to fly most of the flight since he is a pilot.  Jamie
Reply-to:I lost all respect for Kieran Jack after the disgraceful way he treated my friend Cass, humiliating her after meeting a blonde wannabe miss universe socialite. Im sure we will see plenty of them both on the a Brownlow red carpet this year!!!I'm sure he is devastated,
He looks like a homo.
He has a girlfriend named Ingrid From Caitlin Brown( Luke Brown’s sister)
Nakia cockatoo
Was he out last night?
Kieran Harper
Does anyone know brits boob size?
is he still with his misses?
the bloke is a sex pest, this was probably posted by some girl he was harrassing on a dating app
Hes MINE!!!
my teacher is dating him
Not wrong about the keeping in touche with ex’s. She went out with Ryan Rebbeck years ago..
He knows how to use his dick well with both women and men
he is bisexual
he’s wow
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Yes he has a girlfriend
I'm his girlfriend
I dont know whether he cheated before they were married or not. I only saw this hairdresser once. It wasnt in the last 3 years I know that. Unless he was with other girls
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