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Pau Gasol's Girlfriend


Here is the worst from BBP and, I'm tired of this cr*p and, I just agreed with Liz. Not everyone has sex on the brain here.

Yes! Pau and Dirky telling us to get our pantiless ho ho ho selves up on their laps so they can spanks us lol!! I wanna suck on Pau's north pole till he pops a loa----lol let me stop myself *blush* I just saw on the news that there's a huge ass end all blizzard *rolls eyes* they always pull this *beep* the last week of christmas when they know everyone has to get their last minute shopping in. Now I'm afraid to leave the damn house. I'd gladly love to get trapped in side my house oh gosh ^_^ that would a great porno, me and Pau stuck in my apartment I convince him to wait it out and we cuddle by my invisible fireplace lmaooo and one thing leads to another till we're in bed making a storm of our own lolll. Pau's actually close kills me that he's so close to me, tomorrow they play the Nets so odds are he's staying in a hotel in the city...he could be friggen down the block from me why!!! lol I shouldve gotten tix hell I probably still can the way the Nets are playing *shrug
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Sun, 24 Jan 2010 03:16:29 GMT
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