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Wynton looks single to me XD
My name is Chad and José Cordero(Lince Dorado) is my favorite wrestler of all timeTwitter @LuchadorLDInstagram @lince_dorado
Vico C is one of my favorite reggaton music artistsTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @TEGOCALDERONTwitter @DONOMARTwitter @kinglilgTwitter @madone619Twitter @konnan5150Twitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @ZeuxisLuceroTwitter @VanillaVargasTwitter @Roxxy_LCDLATwitter @RealIvelisseTwitter @GabbityTwitter @SonyMusicLatin
Luis Armando Lozada Cruz, better known by his stage name Vico C is a Puerto Rican reggaeton music artist, music producer and actor.Twitter @Vico_C_OficialTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @TEGOCALDERONTwitter @DONOMARTwitter @kinglilgTwitter @madone619Twitter @konnan5150Twitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @ZeuxisLuceroTwitter @VanillaVargasTwitter @Roxxy_LCDLATwitter @RealIvelisseTwitter @GabbityTwitter @SonyMusicLatin
Marcelino Rivera Alicea, better known as José Luis Rivera was a Puerto Rican professional wrestler best known for his work in WWE(WWF at the time), WCW, WWC, NWA, and several other wrestling promotions.Instagram:@konnan5150Twitter @Konnan5150Instagram:@cideoutlaw5150Instagram:@eddiekingston81Twitter @MadKing1981Instagram:@santanalaxInstagram:@ortizlaxInstagram:@laxhernandezTwitter @SuperMexCTMInstagram:@diamantelaxInstagram:@LowKi1979Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @WWE_PrimoTwitter @WWEEpicoTwitter @LuchadorLD
Jon Garcia is so cool as is the rest of the Bella, Danielson, Cena, and Laurinaitis Army. John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, JJ Bella, Lauren Bella, Vivienne Bella, Kathy Bella-Laurinaitis, John Laurinaitis-Bella, Birdie Bella....The Bella Army will continue to grow because JJ Bella and his wife Lauren Bella are expecting another baby, yes! Congrats to them! The Bella Army will live forever Twitter @JohnCenaTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @Total_BellasTwitter @THEvacationJJTwitter @WWEDanielBryanTwitter @JohnLaurinaitis
Jon Garcia is the father of Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, and JJ Bella. He's the father in law to Lauren Bella(JJ's wife), John Cena(Nikki's husband), and Bryan "Daniel Bryan" Lloyd Danielson. He's the grandfather of Birdie Danielson-Bella(Bryan & Brie's daughter), and Vivienne Bella(JJ & Lauren's daughter).
How many wrestling factions has Cody Hall been apart of
Cody Taylor Hall is an American professional wrestler who's best known for his work in NJPW as a member of the Bullet Club faction, currently he wrestles in Pro Wrestling Noah. He's the son of retired pro wrestler Scott Hall. His mother's name is Dana Lee Burgio and his sister's name is Cassidy Lee, I haven't heard about Cody being married or any of his relationships past or present or if he has any kids.
Matt Massie aka "Matt Jackson" is one of my favorite wrestlers along with his brother Nick Massie aka "Nick Jackson" The Young Bucks are too sweet
Matthew Massie aka "Matt Jackson" is a professional wrestler who currently wrestles in NJPW and ROH. He is apart of a tag team called The Young Bucks with his real life brother Nick Massie aka "Nick Jackson". The Young Bucks are members of a professional wrestling faction known as The Bullet Club. He's been married to his wife Dana Massie for six years and they share two children together, a son and s daughter.
This guy is awesome
His fiancé is Shelby Gassiott. I know because she was my daughters first grade teacher and he would always come by to read them books.
Clayton Blackburn robbed a bank and shot the teller six times, why is he pitching in the major leagues instead of serving time behind bars?
Flash in the pan steroid abuser
Good to see Stripling STILL sucks ass after many years
pls date me babiiiii
Isnt the purpose of baseball to hit the ball , he cant at hit at all whys he still on the team?
Jakey baby get with it 💌
I like his wife. Smart classy cute and honest, seemingly nice. Josh has good taste. Can't say the same for all the other giants relievers.
Just Watched this idiot lose the game in 2 innings.. Go AWAY Adalworthless
His xgf was a total babe. His current gf is a extreme downgrade. His previous gf, Steph was working on her Masters. This girl , Brittnee , she just looks skinny and follows him around like she's another of his dogs
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