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Lisa Marie Fabean , West New Ton PA
Do you have A Girlfriend?
Are you watching the world series?
Bluejays hitting this clowns bat.
I seen Kevin keyes play 1× the last game n was amazed. fell in love !!!!!!!! I am an an Harrisburg Senator fan for life !!!!
Don't waste your time
I don't think it was that bad a play.Michael Taylor tried his best and although he had a hard night with a game ending error, I like the way he hustled toward the ball just before he didn't field it.  
Douglas burdell, Wadsworth ohio
He's absolute trash!
You could put a chimpanzee behind home plate and get better defense
He is so handsome he should have one
yes, he does, and he looks odd
This guys absolutely worthless POS. 
f uck u beaner...u suck
according to his gacebook he has been dating someone since october of last year
Yes ....he had a girlfriend named Nilmarie Huertas is from Puerto Rico and she is sister of David Huertas a basquetball player who play with the selection of Puerto. Rico....
He is so cute
Stupid nigger
Eric hosmer
He had a sure thing in Boston over a year ago. The distance made the relationship fall apart, from what I hear. She was a Miss Teen MA or something like that!
The worst . You suck!
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