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Giancarlo stanton
hes a fag and worse hes a bad player suck !
I would so date him he's delicious
I love him I want to date him I love him please don't get married
Any scoop?
Hi Blake I am from South Boston Massachusetts milepost has season tickets to Fenway they live in the suburbs of Massachusetts I get to fly home every summer so therefore I get to go to Fenway every summer I believe Red Sox I love Red Sox I was born with the Red Sox Some from my observation here in Louisiana I can't help but notice you guys have lost your morale and having fun together as a team and the good Lord knows that if you stick together as a team smile and have fun and support each other and cheer and chant for each other that the game will go back to 110% if you guys give it 110% together as a team hell you guys can do it 150 percent! But please I've been watching y'all since I was three years old put some love and fun in the game caught up joke support each other come on man get to hear back on a jazz and I promise it'll all come together ! The Boston Red Sox nation needs to see you guys showing some love together Big Papi's not there to keep the morale up in the love so somebody has to step up to the plate why don't you do it sexy Swihart you and be an Benintendi and Mookie can do it show me some love today let me see you guys giving high-fives given support even if you strike out come on man have some fun love that dirty water from Louisiana show the love my brothers and things will start happening in a positive way please don't let us down your biggest fan from Louisiana you're up rooted Bostonian girl
Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Much thanks again. Awesome.
is he married????
Get rid of this fat idiot
Lisa Marie Fabean , West New Ton PA
Do you have A Girlfriend?
Are you watching the world series?
Bluejays hitting this clowns bat.
I seen Kevin keyes play 1× the last game n was amazed. fell in love !!!!!!!! I am an an Harrisburg Senator fan for life !!!!
Don't waste your time
I don't think it was that bad a play.Michael Taylor tried his best and although he had a hard night with a game ending error, I like the way he hustled toward the ball just before he didn't field it.  
Douglas burdell, Wadsworth ohio
He's absolute trash!
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