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good, hes gone from riderville. now, everyone will accept we suck instead of going oh maybe dd can save us and carry the team. i hope he blows out his ankle again
Does he have a wife?
This is actually quite sad that these posts are by  Anonymous people, so brave to bash someone as they hide behind the computer. Actually quite sick and pathetic that they are not brave enough to sign their name to the slander that they spew.  Typical schoolground childish tactics.Lori Longpre - Ashley's mother.Reply-to:Xavier your one brave man to be with a woman whose been with half your team mates. How does it feel to know that they know what her pussy looks like? Better yet how do their dicks tastes??
Ladies... THANKS 4 DA INFO!!! he been hitting me up and I think he still has a girl now? ( somebody confirm Dat please) he talking bout coaching and trying to get worth me. He seems a bit rude but maybe cool at the same time? Is it possible he had changed? I kinda like him but I don't know what to do. Thanks!
His son is in my math class
Loud mouth, looks good on him
Needs a breathe mint!
Tyler Parker
Stacey prosper has no credibility.
Thanks for bringing back my ex wife
Dated him at uconn in '90's. He was not faithful. Serial liar. Hope he matured
Big Gooooff!!
Demonte is a great guy love him ,he turns me all the way up... i love this guy ..if anyone sees him tell him i want him
He's all talk. Not good, and in fact liar and thief. He's not even playing ball.
IkQfwQ Someone supposed I simply had to ensure outdated this blog, and instantly I think about it right why! I am definitely bookmarking this web site!
He is married to megan nei wander
Too bad he's cheating on his girlfriend
Lol delete delete delete.....she will or they will eventually find this. I told you I will keep posting. You know people talk. One women will never be enough for you. Hell 5 isn't enough for you.
Narcissistic personality disorder... It's real and he is the epitome.
Joshua Bell is like the emperor in his new clothes.  I keep waiting for the boy who says - "he hasn't any clothes on!" His sound is stringy, stingy, narrow and cold and his intonation cannot be forgiven.  Yet NPR and other critics who should be guarding the classical musician fortress have turned belly-up in praise for this extremely mediocre violinist.  No wonder no one stopped in the subway!  Hail to the common ear.
Freaky foley farm is not in courtice
Is he Gay?
Joe was lied to and trapped you ain't fooling nobody stop playing the victim.... Everything that was in the dark in now in the light.... Ya his checks are being garnished because he was lied to and told the person in Canada can't have kids anymore... As bad as I feel for Joe I also feel for his Canadian son who did not choose this and sadly he has to suffer.... Hillary I hope your spending that money on the baby because of you Jaiden is not and has not gotten a dime.... Poor child in Canada has to deal with this shit for 18years
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