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Ok for now we will post here as we round up the group and try to set up a new proboard.
Darling I'd solid , Crawford needs to take some more rest days
I don't even know him personally, but he knows someone I deeply care about. He threaten this person to be his friend by saying he would kill someone close. I can't specify these people, otherwise they might be in danger if I do. Garet has also threaten me through text messages, and like I said I never met him in person, or have any intentions to do so. I did contact the police but they didn't do anything, even with the proof I have. If any of you hear anything suspicious about him, do not hesitate to call for help. The person I wouldn't speak of, the one who was threaten by Garet, is part of this discussion thread. That's all I'll say. ~A
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Lisa Marie Fabean, PA USA
Kristin Kroll, Chicago
Sucks. Need Crow back. This moron is a joke.
Lisa Fabean, PA USA
Are you related to Adam Clendening?
lexi sucks adam browns butt hole
its true he sucks monkey butt hole
Lisa Marie Fabean, PA USA
If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
Lisa Marie Fabean, PA USA
why do they play this guy.. When you watch your next Kings game, isolate him. He is terrbible. He brings nothing to the Kings. He reminds me of Craig Johnson. Probably super fast and God and practice but sucks at games.. Bring up Merch and send him down!
Mickael beauregard hockey
Met some beautiful blonde claiming to be his gf last night. Who is she?
Bob Uroda, Bonita Springs
Stupid ass bonehead!! Nothing but a loser!!
Whitney is the best
His girlfriend is my aunty
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