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So if we believe pre-season  testing (I don't) then Kimi will win the WC (1-18.634)  with vett second( 1-19.024).Third will be Bottas (1-19.310).I am  predicting right now that reality will be different.Only a few days to go for 2017 reality to arrive.Reply-to:Best times for each team in first pre-season test1 Mercedes (Valtteri Bottas) 1:19.705 ***2 Ferrari (Sebastian Vettel) 1:19.952 *3 Red Bull (Daniel Ricciardo) 1:21.153 *4 Renault (Jolyon Palmer) 1:21.396 *5 Sauber (Marcus Ericsson) 1:21.824 **6 Haas (Romain Grosjean) 1:22.118 *7 Williams (Felipe Massa) 1:22.076*8 Force India (Esteban Ocon) 1:22.509 **9 McLaren (Stoffel Vandoorne) 1:22.576 ***10 Toro Rosso (Daniil Kvyat) 1:22.956 ** = soft tyre; ** = super-soft tyre; *** = ultra-soft tyre
Lewis Lewser's replacement@MercedesBenzF1
Podiums for Romain in 2017!!Ferrari power gonna be the big surprise in 2017, just watch. I smell "upset"!!!Reply-to:Roman braketests even better than Senna did!
Pastor Maldonado is better than Sebastian Shittel and Max Crashtappen, who are both overrated and whiny petulant children! Pastor should come back and replace one of these two morons!
Illegal immigrant, Mexico
Ricciardo is better than Crashtappen.
beaten by Nico!!!!
Nele C., Kiseljak
Daniel Ricciardo is faster than the incredibly overrated Sebastian Shittel, Australia
Vettel cry baby
Nelson Piquet Jr, Briatore's Prison
Gutierrez is better than Fangio.
She's been banging Lewis too.cheecky mare.loves it up the wrong un
sergio is doing good in the aby dhabi gp
John Adams, Sydney
Go to Manor. Ic0man. Shame.
Y don't u quit f1 for nascar ? Seems to me you can't so a whole race without hitting someone else on track
Het pretty good at sabotaging his teammates. For the rest hes a shitty driver and doesn't deserve tot be at Ferrari. Webber made the right choise to leave that shitkid behind.
Tyler saint, England
Congrats Lewis, you are the greatest, enjoy the race in Texas today, awesome driving. Sad to see your ugly face friend Nico, sour and not congratulatory to you when you wn. Vettel was a gracious sportsman.
Nico Rosberg sucks he is a sore loser, Vettel had more comraderie than Nico. Mercedes needs to get rid of him.
Alonso is selfish dickhead. Always, I mean everything what he says is something that makes FA look and sound better. Most annoying and so selfish driver. Might be fast but he is really ready to do anything that he looks and sounds better than else. Dirtymoves and dirtygames. This guy is biggest cheater in whole f1-world.
GuppyCaptain , Pennsylvania, USA
Bottas at Ferrari
The Jenson Button Sucks Forum SUCKS and the moaning slimy contributors  insulting the guy are cocksuckersof the lowest level, you losers 
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