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Agree hes horrible. Hes pushing late 20s. Younger better arms out there
Is Javier Baez gay yes or no?
sydnie clawson, new mexico
Franco has absolute worst approach at the plate swinging and missing with his helmet flying off and to make matters worse he commits a error the next inning to cost the inning and the game for eickhoff, he could of finished the 7th inning but the franco error cost him, dude tries to do way too much.. Hitting .240 aint gonna cut it in the middle of the order
Jackass f aggot!!
Terry Colllins Should be fired if he continues to send out Robles in close games.
he was alone at the VMA's
Do you have A girlfriend❓
Stupid Catholic doofus.  I guess crossing yourself didn't work this time, eh?
If you could be any animal what would it be and why❓
Do you have a girlfriend❓
he dates my teachers sister
Yes. Shanna Skimbo.
Swings for the fences no matter what the situation calls for. Botches the easiest of defensive plays. Basically he's an idiot so therefore he sucks
U suck u f u c k e n kunt!! U pitch like a b I t c h!!!
Hi this is Taylor bridges and I'm 13 and I'm just letting you know your a really good baseball player and just wondering are you single?
Are there any gay fanfics about Grichuk and Piscotty? Asking for a friend...
This punk is the worst infielder i have ever seen.
F uck suck
If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Hey you stupid beaner, get thru an inning without at keast a run u f ucken beaner
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