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Baez is a failure show boating punk swings at shit pitches does not wanna take a walk.he is a embarrassment to the team to himself and the fans
he’s engaged to the mother of his son
Brittany is having a party for chaser. She’s using him up and all us Henderson girls know it haaa Who bought her iPhone X haa Chaser you are blind she doesn’t love you babes she loves you money and fame lmao. You had the balls to read Karlee and Cassie you ya fought with a fu*cked 😂 what happen with Kelly Cunningham ya took her off. He did the same thing to her as Brittany. Ya think she cares ? He’s helping her advance her career and start a business 😂 user
Glad you like things in Toronto. Houston is far better off without you.
Omg 192 average sucks sucks sucks
I suspect that he did, and I also suspect that they did not have a platonic relationship.  
Why is this piece of manure taking up a valuable starting pitching slot away from blue jays young pitchers?? With his atrocious 6 ErA. This team is useless for allowing this turd to start 25 games
He's so adorable and VERY ATTRACTIVE.
My name is Albert and José Cordero(Lince Dorado) is my favorite wrestler of all timeTwitter @LuchadorLDInstagram @lince_dorado
Jesse Hernández is the man, if I were to train to be a pro wrestler then I'd wanna be trained by one of the best which is Jesse Hernández.
Jesse Hernández is a Mexican professional wrestler and a promoter who is the founder of Empire Wrestling Federation. He helped train Melina Pérez, Layla El, Awesome Kong, and many others.
He was messing with some girl when lin Tampa
Somehow Robles still is pitching for Mets. Just gave up 2 runs in his one inning of work blowing the lead. This guy is a met killer
Most overrated young pitcher to ever enter the Blue Jays clubhouse !! Average at best !! He ain't no Verlander And he ain't no Severino !! This guy will never be better then what you see now !! Send him to the Bull Pen and stop dreaming this guy is a Great Starter !!
Lisa Fabean, West Newton PA
If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
Are you the real Nick Kingham?
Excellent pitcher
Fat fukking pos
Noah must be with that chick she posts all the time from Florida
a total bust team that won multiple world series...
senne sucks
21:12 your a troll
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