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Excellent pitcher
Fat fukking pos
Noah must be with that chick she posts all the time from Florida
a total bust team that won multiple world series...
senne sucks
21:12 your a troll
I heard it through the grape vine that Noah is secretly in love with Mr. Met, which is why he carries a deep obsession for feuding with him on twitter dot com. Anyone else hear this!?
He just had a baby boy (Aaron Sanchez from the blue jays) His girlfriend name is Jessica Chernyak (IG: JessChern)
Javier Baez is a spic
I’m Kenny’s mom, so all you ladies can back off! No one can ride my son like me!
He's been in your life for 13 years? Bwahh ya you probably use him for money or don't even know the real chasen. You should see all the messages coming directly from him
Valerie Bradley, Nova scotia
You are so handsome
We had him hear in Philly. He is just not any good. He cannot throw the ball where he wants.
All u people suck who dont like javy like to u go out there and do better
only worse catcher is mccann - bad players
His girlfriend is Krista Marti. A successful attorney in South Florida.
completely overrated. another did "can't miss"cardinal prospect. great at giving up lots of runs. dump him on some team before 2018 before has no trade value
He is married
Will he walk in a run again?
all of you are jealous haters.he is the best and he is the ace pitcher for toronto blue jays so ffff off haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He always tells whoever he meets that him and Rene are not together. He acts very strange about it & goes behind her back to do interact with other females.
Has a child and girlfriend in DR but dates girls in the US too. Likes to do anal. IJS. *shrugs*
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