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Tue, 24 Apr 2007 13:46:32 GMT
Round 2 Western Predictions

Red Wings vs Sharks

The Red Wings made it to the 2nd round on a horrible performance by the Flames. Unfortunately, they now have to play a much better team. The key to this series is Pavel Datsyuk. After a quick start in the playoffs, he's once again pulled his playoff disappearing act with 1 assist in his last 4 games. If Detroit wants to win, then Pavel has to show up. Go with the Sharks.

Goaltending: even
Defense: +Wings
Offense: +Sharks
Coaching: +Sharks
Heart: +Sharks

Ducks vs Canucks

Both the Canucks and Stars should've been eliminated in the first round but one of them had to win. If the Canucks are gonna win again, then Roberto Luongo is gonna be the reason, but that won't be enough. The Swedes are the key to this series. Can Markus Naslund, Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin score against the best defense in hockey; Chris Pronger, Francois Beauchemin and Scott Niedermeyer?

Goaltending: +Canucks
Defense: +2 Ducks
Offense: +Ducks
Coaching: +Ducks
Heart: +Ducks

Sun, 22 Apr 2007 20:03:52 GMT
Round 2 Eastern Predictions

Sabres vs Rangers

The Rangers really don't have much chance here. They will need an amazing performance by Lundqvist to stand any chance. The key is gonna have to be Avery running Miller in the first 5 minutes of game one. The Rangers can't win this series straight up.

Goaltending: +Sabres
Defense: +Sabres
Offense: even
Coaching: +Sabres
Heart: +Rangers

Senators vs Devils

The Devils played really bad against the Lightning and Brodeur bailed them out. The key to the series will be Emery. If Emery plays well, then the Senators should win, because the Devils simply don't compete outside of the crease.

Goaltending: +2 Devils
Defense: +Senators
Offense: +2 Senators
Coaching: +Devils
Heart: +Senators

Note: In the six series decided to date, I'm 6 for 6 in my predictions.

Sun, 22 Apr 2007 00:58:58 GMT
38 Pitches

Curt Schilling is blogging.

Wed, 18 Apr 2007 19:21:16 GMT
Thrasher Playoff Intro

This plays on the scoreboard at the start of every Thrashers home playoff game.

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 21:12:16 GMT
NHL Quest for the Cup

NHL Quest for the Cup promitional commercials for the NHL, Red Wings and Penguins.

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 21:01:21 GMT
Hockey Makes you Tougher

Great hockey commercials from FOX.

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 20:31:49 GMT
Colby Armstrong KOs Patrick Eaves

The best legit hit this Stanley Cup playoffs to date. Colby is not a big guy, but he sure plays big.

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 17:19:59 GMT
Final Minutes of the 72 Summit Series

The last half of the 3rd period of the game that made hockey an international sports.

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 16:42:55 GMT
Ugliest Moments in NHL History

A compilation of the ugliest incidents in NHL history.

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 16:38:40 GMT
Top 20 Goals in NHL History

Another compilation of the top 20 goals in NHL history. The McCarty goal is one I haven't seen in awhile. I think Orr's elbow pass and superman goal are obvious misses, although the superman goal is included in the video, just not in the top 20.

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 15:50:00 GMT
Ronaldinho Nike Commercial

Sat, 14 Apr 2007 19:12:02 GMT
Schubert's Knee on Malkin
I just saw a replay of Christoph Schubert's knee on Evgeny Malkin in Game 1. That looked very blatant. No suspension!?
Fri, 13 Apr 2007 02:45:42 GMT
NHL Leaders

This is a list of the 23 players that I think are true leaders in the NHL for the recently ended regular season. These are not necessarily the top scorers, but it surely does include some. It's mostly to recognize those that contribute beyond just stats.


  1. Wade Dubielewicz
  2. Tim Thomas
  3. Ray Emery


  1. Roman Hamrlik
  2. Marek Malik
  3. Chris Pronger
  4. Jay Bouwmeester
  5. Sami Salo
  6. Brendon Witt
  7. Petteri Nummelin


  1. Rod Brind'Amour
  2. Jordan Staal
  3. Sidney Crosby
  4. Teemu Selanne
  5. Daniel Sedin
  6. Daniel Briere
  7. Vincent Lecavalier
  8. Dany Heatley
  9. Henrik Zetterberg
  10. Sean Avery
  11. Kris Draper
  12. Colby Armstrong
  13. Erik Christensen
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:40:21 GMT
2007 NHL Playoff Predictions Western Conference

Red Wings vs. Flames

This looks like the easiest upset prediction in world history. The Red Wings are proven chokers and now minus Yzerman. The Flames on the other hand are known for playoff grit. The goaltending should be spectacular with Kiprusoff and Hasek. The key to the series is Datsyuk. He usually disappears in the playoffs and is likely the biggest reason that the Red Wings are known chokers.

Goaltending: +Flames
Defense: +Red Wings
Offense: +Red Wings
Coaching: +Flames
Heart: +2 Flames

Ducks vs. Wild

There's a lot of people predicting upset here, but honestly, it just can't happen. The Oilers went to the finals last season on Pronger's back. He's now on the Ducks. Add Giguere's spectacular 2003 playoff, Scott Niedermayer (what can I can?), Teemu Selanne gets better in big tourney's and this team is loaded with playoff performers. The key is going to be the Wild's goaltending (Backstrom or Fernandez). Somebody between the Wild pipes is gonna have to play the best seven games of his life.

Goaltending: +Ducks
Defense: +2 Ducks
Offense: +Ducks
Coaching: +Wild
Heart: +Ducks

Canuks vs. Stars

This is a difficult one to predict. I wouldn't expect either team to go very far in this years playoff. This'll be the first time the Sedin's (Daniel and Henrik) are the go to guys on offense. This is also Luongo's first playoff go, but he's proved himself in World tournament before. In the other net is known playoff choker Marty Turco. The key to this series is whether the Star bother to show up.

Goaltending: +Canuks
Defense: +Stars
Offense: +Canuks
Coaching: even
Heart: +Canuks

Predators vs. Sharks

This is gonna be a very unexciting series. Except for the key player to be named later, I would expect the Sharks to win and get knocked out in the 2nd round. Can Joe Thornton break his streak of playoff choking (only 27 points in 46 games)? The key to this series will be Forsberg. Forsberg has scored within one point of a point per game in 11 straight playoffs. This guy is a playoff god.

Goaltending: +Predators
Defense: +Stars
Offense: +Sharks
Coaching: +Sharks
Heart: +Predators

Wed, 11 Apr 2007 21:29:39 GMT
2007 NHL Playoff Predictions Eastern Conference

Sabres vs. Islanders

This will likely be a walk, since the Sabres are healthy and had good playoff experience last season. With DiPietro coming back off injury and not having played in a couple weeks, he might be stale for the first game. He is the key to the series. If he doesn't play his best hockey for six games, then the Islanders will be in trouble. The Islander push for the playoff was impressive, but nobody expect them to win and I think they've already hit their goal, just getting into the playoffs.

Goaltending: +Sabres
Defense: +Sabres
Offense: +Sabres
Coaching: +Islanders
Heart: +Sabres

Devils vs. Lightning

This series should prove what is more valuable. Great scorers or a great goalie. The Devils would not have made the playoffs without Brodeur and the Lightning would not have made the playoffs without Lecavalier and St. Louis. My money is on the Devils, mostly because of the massive goaltending advantage. Holmqvist is by far the worst starting goaltender in this year's playoff and Brodeur is the best. But, with the recent problems in the Devils organization, I wouldn't preclude an upset. The key to this series is behind the bench. Will the Devils play for Lamoriello after he fired their coach?

Goaltending: +2 Devils
Defense: +Devils
Offense: +2 Lightning
Coaching: +Devils
Heart: +Lightning

Thrasher vs. Rangers

This is looking like an upset. The Thrashers are new the playoffs and that usually means bad things. On the other hand, the Trashers have a scary defense and great scoring. Even if the Rangers win, they'll get beat up. Avery is the wild card in this series. He could lose it with the stupidity he's known for or he could play rough but smart and even up the Thrasher's physical advantage.

Goaltending: +Rangers
Defense: +Thrashers
Offense: +Thrashers
Coaching: +Rangers
Heart: +Rangers

Senators vs. Penguins

The Penguins are the team of the future, but the Senators could be the team of 2007. The Senators are prime for a good playoff. They've changed the team. Brought in players that have performed in big tournaments (Heatley). Like the Trasher series, 1st year playoff teams like Pittsburgh often don't play up to playoff speed. The key to this series will be Crosby. Duh!? He could just want to win now and it'll happen.

Goaltending: +Penguins
Defense: +Senators
Offense: +Senators
Coaching: even
Heart: +Senators

Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:43:26 GMT
Don Cherry on NBC
Don Cherry will make is debut on NBC tonight. He's been the main character on CBC (the premier hockey TV station in Canada) for years and he's been very controversial.
Tue, 10 Apr 2007 21:13:44 GMT
2007 All-Stars

I put together a list of the best players in the 2007 regular season.


  1. Martin Brodeur
  2. Roberto Luongo
  3. Miikka Kiprusoff


  1. Nicklas Lidstrom
  2. Chris Pronger
  3. Scott Niedermayer
  4. Dion Phaneuf
  5. Jay Bouwmeester
  6. Kimmo Timonen
  7. Roman Hamrlik
  8. Sami Salo


  1. Sidney Crosby
  2. Joe Thornton
  3. Vincent Lecavalier
  4. Teemu Selanne
  5. Dany Heatley
  6. Joe Sakic
  7. Jarome Iginla
  8. Alexander Ovechkin
  9. Daniel Sedin
  10. Olli Jokinen
  11. Martin St Louis
  12. Marian Hossa
  13. Henrik Zetterberg
  14. Rob Brind'Amour
  15. Thomas Vanek
  16. Daniel Alfredsson
Tue, 10 Apr 2007 20:35:59 GMT
Chris Drury is not Steve Yzerman

The talk show hosts on WGR Sports Radio 550 were comparing Chris Drury to Steve Yzerman and Joe Sakic. They were saying that he should be view in the same light and if he were Canadian and played for one team his entire career, then he would. I thought this was kinda funny.


Sun, 08 Apr 2007 14:57:16 GMT
End of 2006-07

It's the end of the 2006-07 season and the Leafs will be watching the Islanders-Devils today to determine if they advance to the playoffs or the golf cource. I predict the golf course.

Here's my NHL Award Predictions:

Tue, 03 Apr 2007 21:05:44 GMT
NHL Plays of the Week

Lecavalier's goal was the most important (his 50th), but Phil Kessel's is the most most spectacular.

Tue, 03 Apr 2007 14:50:36 GMT
Kobe Intro
Intro to the Kobe section of the Hong Kong Nike Basketball.

Mon, 02 Apr 2007 16:45:06 GMT
Blue Jays Lineup

The starting line-up for our Blue Jays.

  1. LF Reed Johnson
  2. 1B Lyle Overbay
  3. CF Vernon Wells
  4. DH Frank Thomas
  5. 3B Troy Glaus
  6. RF Alex Rios
  7. C Gregg Zaun
  8. 2B Aaron Hill
  9. SS Royce Clayton
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