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Mon, 29 Sep 2008 06:25:33 GMT
Warrick Dunn and CAA

Four times via email and once via snail-mail, I have received the following cease and desist order from Warrick Dunn's agents at CAA Sports (see link below).

They claim I'm not allowed to use Warrick Dunn's name and picture without his permission. They also claim to be lawyers. I responded six months ago with "I suggest you talk to a lawyer. Your interpretation of the law is wrong." This got rid of them for six months, but they are back. I really have to wonder if Warrick Dunn is getting proper legal advice and if his lawyers are just trying to accumulate billable hours against their client.

I've also found out that CAA and Denise White work together in some manner. If you don't remember Denise, then click on the following link and read.

I can only assume that the sub-industry of serving wealthy sports athletes is thriving. Do these athletes really think they are being properly served? I deal with hundreds of agents every month and most all are reasonable people. I can usually satisfy any concern an athlete has very quickly. At other times, the agents seem more interested in wasting every body's time than accomplishing anything. Hopefully Warrick reads this.

Thu, 25 Sep 2008 18:24:07 GMT
Penguins look Great
Watching the Leafs-Pens game last night, I realized the Pens got better. Satan. Cooke. These are great additions. Not to mention the AHL Scranton Pens add a lot of depth to this organization that is already plenty with talent.
Wed, 24 Sep 2008 15:59:03 GMT
Talk-Sports Helps SickKids

Did you know you are helping SickKids whenever you surf Talk-Sports and when you buy a membership from Talk-Sports. We are donating 10% of our annual revenues to That means we'll donate $6.50 annually for your bronze membership, $12.50 for your silver membership and $30.50 for your gold membership.

Tue, 23 Sep 2008 01:51:31 GMT
Leafs v Sabres
Ya! That's Right! I'm watching a hockey game in mid-September. Exhibition. Who cares? This might be the only time I watch the Leafs win all year. Pogge has played well. He won't make the team anyway. The Leafs have looked great, winning 5-3 in the 3rd. After the game, I've got another NASCAR 2008 PS2 race lined-up.
Thu, 18 Sep 2008 21:04:53 GMT
Worth $44,968?

Just noticed a new website valuation tool called WebsiteOutlook. They value Talk-Sports at $45K. Gotta wonder where they get these metrics. Talk-Sports accumulated $10K in revenues this month alone. Value should be around $1M; at least 10x annual revenues.

My site is worth $44968.
How much is yours worth?

Sat, 06 Sep 2008 03:10:12 GMT
New Rates

Just a note. We increased our premium membership monthly rates by $5 for the first month. Bronze is now $10 for the first month and $5 thereafter. Silver is $15 for the first month and $10 thereafter. Gold is $30 for the first month and $25 thereafter. We'll see how this affect sign-ups in the next month and decided whether this will be permanent. We are also considering increasing Silver to $15 monthly and Gold to $29 monthly, but that won't happen for at least a month or two.

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