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Sun, 12 Dec 2010 12:41:33 GMT
Sexiest Athlete
Sexiest athlete poll results are in.
  1. Jeff Carter (524)
  2. Tim Lincecum (311)
  3. Mike Richards (125)
  4. Jonathan Toews (44)
  5. Brian Boucher (17)
  6. Patrick Kane (9)
  7. Victor Stalberg (4)
  8. Rick Dipietro (2)
  9. Sean Avery (1)

Jeff Carter actually got over a thousand votes, but somebody voted for him over 500 times. I have the IP addresses, so I eliminated all the duplicates for Carter and he still had more votes. Mike Richards also had a lot of duplicates, but I counted them, since he wasn't gonna win anyway. Toews likely got more unique votes than Richards.

Fri, 10 Dec 2010 18:07:04 GMT
Sexiest Pro-Athlete Poll

Who's the sexiest professional athlete?

  1. Brian Boucher
  2. Jeff Carter
  3. Jonathan Toews
  4. Mike Richards
  5. Patrick Kane
  6. Rick DiPietro
  7. Sean Avery
  8. Tim Lincecum
  9. Victor Stalberg

Just type the name in the editor below. We'll accept write-ins.

Tue, 07 Dec 2010 16:37:25 GMT
Xmas NHL Survey
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Wed, 01 Dec 2010 16:52:05 GMT
8 Rules for Hockey Parents
  1. Don't swear at 14 yr old refs in front of 7 yr old hockey players. Yes, my son's coach actually did this when my son was 7.
  2. If you're too lazy to write down what time your kid gets on and off the ice, then don't complain to the coach that your son is underplayed. Or daughter.
  3. On the other hand, if your son is on the bench most of the game, then start writing down the times he gets on and off the ice. I was parent rep on a house league team where the coach was playing one kid less than 5 minutes per game, while the coach's son played 15-20. The parent never said a word all year.
  4. You can't teach dump and chase strategy to 10 yr old kids who can't skate, stick handle or shoot. I feel like telling this to my son's coach, but I like the fact that the players are not improving. My son's the goalie. He's getting more shots every game.
  5. The dressing room benches is for the players, not the parents. How many times have I seen a kid look around the dressing room for an open spot to dress while a half dozen parents took up bench spots. 
  6. Don't yell at players on the opposing team when they are on the ice. Don't ever yell at the players on the opposing team as they leave the ice. I couldn't believe a parent did this and it was the parent rep, the one person who should know better.
  7. Always put a bag of extra equipment in the car. Every other game or practice at least one kid forgets something. My son's old equipment has been used by almost every single one of his teammates.
  8. Don't scream at your child in front of other kids and parents. You look like an abusive parent. "Look like" and "are", maybe interchangeable. My son once turned to me and said "Did you hear how her mom yelled at her." Not exact words.
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