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Wed, 05 Oct 2005 03:39:54 GMT
Northeast Division Prediction
  1. Ottawa Senators - Barring an injury to Hasek, Ottawa should win the division with well over 100 points. Chara, Phillips, Redden on D and too many forwards to stop. Spezza and Heatley could both finish in the top 5 in scoring.
  2. Toronto Maple Leafs - Toronto's position in the standings will depend entire on Sundin, Lindros and Allison. Possibly the best trio of centers to play on one team.
  3. Montreal Canadians - Montreal has the type of small team that could work in the new NHL. If the penalties are called all year, they could easily finish ahead of Toronto.
  4. Boston Bruins - The Bruins have a great team outside of their d-men; Dallman, Gill, Leetch (over the hill) and Slegr. The lack of d-men makes them a fringe playoff team.
  5. Buffalo Sabres - The Sabres don't have the firepower, the d-men or the goaltending to make the playoffs. Might be a long season. 
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