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Sun, 12 Feb 2006 16:28:22 GMT
Leafs v. Rangers, Game 57

I watched the Leaf game at Crabby Joe's restaurant. Once again, the opposition's goalie made great save after great save 28 in total and Belfour made 18 saves on 22 shots and in fact, one of the shots was from well behind the net, which Belfour kicked into his own goal. Where's Tellqvist?

With goalies with at least 10 games players, Belfour's GAA ranks 45th, Save % ranks 37th. Tellqvist is 22nd and 18th. Belfour also ranks 3rd in losses, trailing only Luongo and Kolzig. Both Luongo and Kolzig average 30 saves per game, because the team in front of them really suck defensively. Belfour averages 27 saves per game, because the team in front of him is that much better. And let me suggest that the quality of shots handled by Belfour is very low, because most teams are now shooting from well out on Belfour, knowing that he is struggling such.

Just look at the 8 goals allowed against the Rangers; slapshot from 29 ft thru the leg (1st Friday), wristshot from 22 ft (2nd Friday), wristshot from bottom of the faceoff circle (4th Friday), form behind the net (1st Saturday), 37 ft slap (2nd Saturday), 28 ft snap (3rd Saturday), 40 ft slap (4th Saturday). Other than Poti's goal, none were very good scoring chances. I'm not saying he should have stopped them all, but he's not stopping anywhere near enough.

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