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Fri, 22 Jun 2007 15:37:50 GMT
Goals by Goaltenders
Goals by Goaltenders
Likely the most impressive and rare of feats in the NHL is when a goalie actually shoots the puck and scores a goal. In the history of the NHL, only 5 goalies have ever shot and scored. Two goalies, Ron Hextall and Martin Brodeur, scored two goals, but only Ron Hextall scored twice while shooting. Brodeur scored one of his two goals while shooting and the other was scored when the opposing team accidently shot the puck into their own net. Here's the account of all 6 goals with video.
  1. Ron Hextall (1987) was the first goalie to ever shoot the puck and score. He did it in his rookie season.
  2. Ron Hextall (1989) was not only the first goalie to shoot the puck and score, but also the second. With this goal, he also became the first goalie to score in the playoffs and the only goalie to ever score shorthanded.
  3. Chris Osgood (1996) was the second goalie to shoot and score.
  4. Martin Brodeur (1997) was the third goalie to shoot and score and second to do so in the playoffs.
  5. Jose Theodore (2001) was the fourth goalie to shoot and score.
  6. Evgeni Nabokov (2002) was the fifth and last goalie to shoot and score.
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