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Wed, 23 Jan 2008 00:27:13 GMT
Gold-Silver-Bronze Members

In the next couple weeks, we are introducing Gold, Silver and Bronze memberships for the talk-sports website. We're introducing these new membership plans in an attempt to cut down on the inappropriate comments. People who don't have a special membership will be limited to how many times they can post. People who have special membership can post more often and may also delete comments from other users to help me moderate the site. Nothing is set in stone, but bronze members will likely be allowed to delete 10 comments per month, silver 100 per month and gold 1000 per month. Any athletes who have forums on talk-sports can have a bronze membership for free. Any athlete that creates a YouTube video where they mention talk-sports can have a silver membership for free. The price of the membership will be small; $5 for bronze, $10 for silver and $20 for gold. Several of the athletes who already post and visit the site have already agreed to be part of our Beta bronze members; for free of course.

Update: We're giving away bronze memberships for free. Get them while they last.

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