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Wed, 06 Aug 2008 06:47:08 GMT
Your People

Being the creator and owner of the Talk-Sports website, I find myself of late dealing mostly with athletes, their agents and their friends. It's become very obvious to me that your people define you, especially the perception of you. Most people who email me are very friendly and understand that I'm running a sports website and trying my hardest to weigh the concerns of the athlete against the will of the fans. It's a very difficult task that requires me to decide which of the thousands of comments posted today cross the line and should be deleted. Figuring out which comments is the most difficult task, but fortunately we have 127 moderators right now that help me and hundreds of others than send me emails pointing me to the worst of the posts.

Then there are the 5% that ruin it for everybody else. First they ask that I delete a comment or two, which I do, because it's easier for me to do it, then to deal with the questions of why I can't. After they realize I'm acting on their requests (I've given them an inch), they ask for the world (want a mile). Not only do they want me to delete the comments on their athletes blog that are abusive, but now they want me to delete the comments from legit fans who simply say "He's the best." When I refuse? They threaten to sue me. BTW, total days in court yet equals zero.

Enter Denise White. Publicist for many athletes like Antonio Gates and Shaun Phillips. She has to be the worst agent (no publicist) that I've ever encountered. After one encounter over Antonio Gates blog that went very well, she now has gone over the edge with Shaun Phillips. It was unacceptable that I delete the abusive post on Shaun's blog. I had to remove all of Mr. Phillips blogs or they would sue me. In fact, she didn't really threaten to sue, she threatened to empty my wallet in lawyer fees. So, even though I was willing to delete any post she ask, I was gonna get my ass sued, if I didn't remove the non-abusive posts from fans that wanted to tell Shaun how much they loved him.

When I investigated Shaun's blog, I found that Denise was the author of most all the recent comments, of which, most all were lies. At this point, I had to wonder about Denise's motives. Some have suggested she's trying to create publicity for her client, thru my website. Others have suggested she's trying to validate her price to Shaun.

I'm not gonna validate Denise by pointing to her website, but I will mention that she claims to provide services beyond that of an agent. One of her advertised services is providing Internet websites, like Shaun Phillip's site. Check it out!

The website is a complete joke. Shaun should fire her for this alone. The website presents 9 major pages and more than half of those pages are completely empty. He needed a publicist to create a dead website?

Anyhow, in the last week, I've received about 6-10 threatening phone calls and more than a dozen threatening emails from her. Finally, a couple of Shaun's friends emailed me with his personal email address so that I could make certain he was aware of the ongoings. I emailed Shaun and hopefully he'll get back to me or at least muzzle her.

Back to my point. Your people define you. If you have a publicist going around threatening people, then you likely aren't gonna have a great public image, because people like me simply aren't gonna read your emails or take your phone calls or take you seriously. Make certain you surround yourself with good people or you'll be in the same boat as Shaun.

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