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Sat, 04 Oct 2008 23:42:19 GMT
Hockey Night in Canada?

It's Saturday night, the Leafs are on TV and CBC is running a movie. I grew up watching the Leafs play hockey on CBC every Saturday night of the regular season. I'm 39. I'm confused. I watched a movie for 5 minutes on CBC before I figured out something was wrong. Actually, I didn't figure it out. It was my son. He told me that this was a movie and not hockey. I was waiting. I likely would've waited for an hour before I figured out that this movie wasn't a hockey game. All good things. The world has changed forever.

Update: I just realized, this game doesn't count, it's exhibition and that's why it's not on CBC. What thru me off is that the NHL season has started already for 4 teams today. Others are still playing pre-season games.

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