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Wed, 15 Oct 2008 18:38:04 GMT
NASCAR08 is the first video game that has excited me since the early versions of Half-Life. Like Half-Life and EA NHL, the #1 feature of this game is the realism. Competing for the NEXTEL Cup against Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson is the dream of any NASCAR fan. I particularly like the Earn Your Stripes mode where you progress thru the Truck Series and NNS and finally earn the right to competein the Sprint Cup. I'm so excited about this game, that I want it to be even better. Here's a list of ways to make it better. I hope someone at EA reads this.
  • There is too little difference between levels. As soon as I had conquered rookie mode, I moved easily to Veteran and Legend and won. Rookie needs to be easier and Legend needs to be more difficult.
  • Series license tests are either too easy or unrealistic. The license test that are realistic are way too easy. The license test that are difficult don't really occur in real life. Drop the Toyata zig and zag tests in favor of racing tests that aren't trivial.
  • You can't upgrade tires in NASCAR. Or engines. Don't allow me to do things that you can't do in real NASCAR.
  • Racing is too easy. I win 2 thirds of the time on legend Nextel and place 2nd most the time I don't win, pushing most likely a teamate to victory.
  • Pit crew competency should be refected in the level of the team you join. This should be used to make me lose more when I first join a series.
  • Crashing should not be a strategy. When you hit, not tap, the wall you shouldn't be able to return to speed and catch the pack before the end of the lap. Further, the damage should slow you down. Because damage doesn't slow you down, I often crash intentionally when I need a pit badly. Sometimes my son and I play crash-up derbie and drive against the traffic. I've hit cars head on a hundred times in a row and continued to crash with little consequence other than blown tires.
  • Car setup shouldn't matter on Rookie level, but should be overly important on Legend. Team level might also infuence the default setup.
  • When you change teams you don't bring your car with you. Further contracts don't match reality. When I sign a 10 race contract in real NASCAR, that's for 10 races over the next year, not the next 10 races. Contracts to drivers with more than a years experience one a circuit should be for the entire season and you should be able to renew with the same team, assuming you meat their obligations.
  • Purses of Nextel events should reflect reality. They are way too low.
  • Send me a Beta and I'll send you perfection.
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