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Wed, 22 Oct 2008 03:02:31 GMT
I Earned My Stripes

Today, I won both the Nextel Chase for the Cup and the Daytona 500 on EASports' NASCAR 08. This game got horrible reviews, but it's the only video game to catch my fancy in the last decade. 

In the my first year of Earning Your Stripes, I started in Whelen, although I had qualified for Craftsman (the 2nd level). I wanted to experience the entire game, but after winning by first 7 Whelen races, I decided to move up. Although I missed a couple of early season Craftsman races, I still won the entire series in my first year. Moving up to NNS proved difficult and took me about a year. This allowed me to win my 2nd Craftsman Truck Series title running away. In my 3rd year, I started in NNS and again won this series running away. The game didn't allow me to qualify for Nextel until the last 12 races of the season. I easily and quickly qualified. My teammate was Mark Martin and I was able to share draft him into winning the last couple races of the season and qualify for the Chase. I then share drafted him to victory a few times in the Chase, while putting Kurt Busch into the wall a half dozen times as he was winning enough to compete with Martin. Martin won the Chase with me pushing him across the finish line. 

I was excited with the start of my 4th year with a chance to win the Nextel Cup and Daytona 500. I used my winnings to upgade my engine for the Daytona 500. Oops! The upgraded engine caused my tires to overheat and I had to pit earlier and more often than I had hoped. It took another race before I realized my mistake and corrected it by reducing my gear setup. I went on to win 23 of the 36 races. I then won the Daytona 500 in my 5th year and retired. I also won the NNS in my 4th year giving me 5 titles (2 Craftsman, 2 NNS and 1 Nextel).

Here's hoping NASCAR 09 is more challenging. NASCAR 08 is very intense and the career mode is awesome, but I found the game rather easy. The reviews of 09 seems to indicate I might get my wishes.

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