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Fri, 24 Oct 2008 03:37:13 GMT
Ten-Jack Starting Hands

Almost everytime I play Texas-Holdem, somebody mentions that the jack-ten is one of the best starting hands. I make sure I play lot of hands with that person. While watching poker on TV at a bar today, the group next to me were applauding this guy for going near all-in preflop with a jack and ten. The other player had ace and ten. The flop was queen, ten, nine and both players quickly were all-in. "See, what did I tell you," said on of the bar dwellers. The turn was a king and the lesser ten-jay won. Brilliant!

The truth, AT (ace-ten) will beat JT (jack-ten) nearly 70% of the time. Even post flop, when the straight draw is near, the AT hand is still favored to win the hand. Don't believe me, check out the poker calculator.

All that said, the last tournament I was in, I was knocked out by JT versus AQ (ace-queen) on a rivered straight.

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