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Tue, 28 Oct 2008 03:03:50 GMT
MLB Umpires Suck
Forget the fact that the umpire just cost the Phillies the World Series by not delaying the game because of the typhoon, the overall umping in this series has once again been horrible. Too many obvious strikes are balls, obvious balls are strikes. One player was called out, then somehow awarded first base. Several bang-bang plays were missed. It's a real crap shoot when it comes to umpires in MLB. I very much doubt that instant replay on bang-bang plays will happen anytime soon, but I don't understand why MLB doesn't provide radar data to the homeplate umpire to help him make ball-strike calls. You don't even have to tell the rest of the world. Buzz his left cheak if the radar thinks it's a ball and buzz his right cheack on a strike. If players know the umpire has an aid in calling strikes, they'll likely shut-up and stop looking twice at the umpire after yet another ridiculous called pitch.
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