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Wed, 12 Nov 2008 21:17:05 GMT
Maple Leafs Eval
One month into the season and the Leafs don't suck. In fact, I'm predicting better things as the year progresses. Ron Wilson is a great coach and this team is only gonna get better. Unfortunately, better means 9th or 10th place. I don't see the playoffs in our near future.

Toskala has struggled early and like previous years I expect his game to pick up. Joseph has been horrible. Pogge is doing any better with the Marlies.

Kaberle and Kubina and struggling with a young defense. Van Ryn and Collaiocovo have looked great, but continue to be injury prone. The D-kids have looked great.

Gabrovsky has looked amazing after a slow start. We have two scoring lines? When did that happen last? And Blake has been awful as always.

Lot's of good new, but I still expect no playoff. Another 9th place finish will make Fletcher look real bad.

The Tucker release is still disappointing. We have to eat 60% of his salary for the next 6 years. We could've eaten Raycroft's salary with the Marlies, but chose to put it against the Leafs for 2 years. We lost half of the Marlies defense that looked great in last years Calder run. More bad decision.

We sign Fingers? He looks like McCabe without the bullet shot. Too many bad decisions. Sorry Fletch, loved you the first time around.

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