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Mon, 16 Mar 2009 04:09:41 GMT
Ducks v. Canucks, March 11
We had our choice of Ducks games to go to, but we chose Vancouver next Wednesdaybecause we wanted to see Sundin. I got three tickets from StubHub for 9 dollars each, plus about 20 in handling charges. Not bad for tickets that would otherwise cost hundreds. The tickets arrived a few days later, we had them delivered to our campground. I paid with my PayPal account.


We paid 15 dollars to take a taxi to the game. The taxi was 30 minutes late, so we arrived only 20 minutes before the game, which is late for us.

The Ducks were killed in the first 10 minutes and saved by their goaltender, Hiller. The Ducks took a two goal lead on bad giveaways. The Canucks tied it in one minute. The Ducks took another lead. The Ducks appeared to take a 4-2 lead, but the refs called a phantom goalie interference penalty.


The concessions ran out of cotton candy, Firestone beer and possibly other stuff, causing extreme lines. I wanted one of their 1/2 pound dogs, but gave up after sitting second in line for 5 minutes.

The Canucks scored and put the game into overtime. In overtime, Scott Niedermayer won it on a partial break. Great game.


We went to JT Schmid's after the game. They had a great stout beer.

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