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Mon, 16 Mar 2009 04:36:09 GMT
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
My first destination in Las Vegas was the Motor Speedway. For the third time this trip, the Richard Petty Experience was on site when we visited the racetrack.


I took some pics from the outside before I realized I could drive the RV thru tunnel into the middle of the track.


Then I took pictures from the inside until someone told me I could drive right up to the pits.


I drove up to the pits and took some more pictures until someone told me I could ride passenger in one of the cars.


Then I was going 165 mph around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway inside a stock car. WOOT! Next time I'm thinking I'll drive, instead of sitting passenger.


Richard Petty Racing Experience runs at 18 tracks across North America. For 109 dollars, you get to experience speed first hand.

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