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Tue, 24 Mar 2009 22:10:34 GMT

Here's an awesome NASCAR poem...

Breath taking, we wait in anticipation
The Flag is raised, we salute out great nation
Then we bow are heads and pray to the Lord
Hearts trembling as the fly over soars
Everyone listens all ears
It is the words every fan and driver lives to hear
The 4 most important words in motorsports are read
The engines are fired and the silence is dead
All the cars creep around for all the fans to see
Just waiting for the moment, we go green
There it is, the start of the race, the green flag flies
One by one, lap by lap each driver goes by
Bumping and banging, crashes and spins
Everyone just praying that their driver wins
Each race is different, each track is its own
We loved to look back and see how much this amazing sport has grown
The checkered flag, always brings many emotions out
Feelings of sadness, anger, happiness, and doubt
Then to victory lane we go
Where the winner puts us on a show
Champaign, confetti, and trophies to say the least
And yes this happens for 36 weeks

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