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Wed, 25 Mar 2009 15:49:27 GMT
Understanding Hockey

I feel I have to explain hockey to the people who write for the local Toronto newspapers. Check out this moronic article written last month. Sorry, for the bad picture. You just need the headline and score to get the point.


So the Leafs lost because they turned over the puck? I don't think so. The Leafs lost because they scored zero goals. Every NHL team turns over the puck every game and many of those turnovers will lead to goals. That's hockey! A great team limits their number of turnovers, but still turns over the puck. Regardless, it doesn't matter how many times you turnover the puck when you don't score any goals. If you don't score, then you lose. The turnovers weren't costly. The lack of goals cost them the game. Period! Send this sports writer (Rob Longley) back to hockey school. I wonder if he owns skates?

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