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Wed, 08 Apr 2009 18:41:35 GMT
Blog Deputy FAQ

What are Blog Deputies?

Blog deputies are volunteers on Talk-Sports that help us maintain the website. They are not paid, but do receive free swag for their efforts.

What is required of a Blog Deputy?

In order to maintain their status as a Blog Deputy, a Deputy must not cyber-bully or use their powers to discourage other talk-sports readers. Please report Deputies that do otherwise. Deputies should also post in their forums at least once per week.

What are the duties of a Blog Deputy?

The following are tasks we ask Blog Deputies to do, but they are not required to do.

Who can become a Blog Deputy?

Anybody. Simply ask us at We already have a long list of users that want to be Blog Deputies. From time-to-time we will select new Blog Deputies from that list as required. The following are selection criteria.

Why weren't you selected to be a Blog Deputy?

It's not that you weren't selected. We'd like to have as many as possible, but we have a long list of candidates. We will continue adding new Blog Deputies every week or month as required. You can improve your chances by meeting the criteria above.

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