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Thu, 30 Apr 2009 03:00:44 GMT
Zynga Poker

One of the most popular Facebook apps and best money making for certain is the Zynga poker app. It's free poker, or at least kinda free. You can buy fake chips and some have suggested that Zynga is making nearly $50M selling these fake chips. Why are people buying? To impress strangers with large chip stacks?

Worse, I played a few hands and I hit quads, sets, straights, full houses, flushes, pocket rockets every second hand. They were clearly distributing the cards to give me amazing cards and get me excited about the game. The cards were unbelievable. I don't know their algorithm, but many poker websites give newbies great cards in order to encourage them to return. I personally can't stand it when I try a poker website and get pocket rockets left and right. It's fake. It's not real poker. I hate it!

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