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Fri, 01 May 2009 16:28:56 GMT
NHL Tie Breakers
I think its time the NHL changed the tie-breaker rules. A one game playoff like MLB does is the optimal solution. The question arises, what if three or four teams tie? What if three-four teams tie for 7th. The rules for a playoff tie-breaker could turn out to be extremely complex. That said, it would be extremely exciting for the fans.

My suggestions. If two teams tie for eight, then they play one extra game in the city that previously would've won the tie breaker. Overtime is sudden death. Literally!

If three teams tie for 8th, then the top team according to the current tie breaker plays at home to the winner of a game between the other two.

If three teams tie for 7th, then the bottom team according to the cureent tie breaker plays one the road with the loser of a game between the other two.

If four teams tie for 8th, then winners of the first playoff game play for the last spot. Home teams are decided by the old tie breaker. If four teams tie for 7th, then each team plays one go-home game.

Similar rules could be compiled for other scenarios, which are highly unlikely anyway. Thoughts?

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