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Mon, 25 May 2009 16:29:47 GMT
Katrina Gibbs (and Justin Jenkins)
A few weeks ago, I got an email from an attorney named Katrina Gibbs. She was representing Anita Lewis Jenkins regarding comments made about Justin Jenkins. Katrina attached a subpoena from the Chancery Court of Hinds County State of Mississippi. The subpoena was delivered in a Word perfect document, which honestly was very suspicious. Most subpoena are hand delivered, in hard copy or at least in PDF image form. I didn't have an editor that recognized the old format WPD document, nor was I interested in opening an attachment from a stranger. I replied that I don't open attachments from strangers. She asked how she could deliver a subpoena to me and I gave her several options.

In the meanwhile, I received and email from Anita Jenkins asking why I was ignoring her attorney's emails. I told her that her attorney was lying and that I had responded to all her emails.

Finally, I received a textual version of the subpoena. The content of the subpoena follows (some edits).



 JUSTIN JENKINS                                                                              Petitioner/Plaintiff


 vs.                                                                                                Cause No. ___________________


 JANE DOE                                                                                          Respondent/Defendant




 TO:     Randy Charles Morin    

 You are hereby commanded to do each of the following acts at the instance of the Plaintiff, Justin Jenkins, after receipt of this subpoena.

             That your company, and/or associated and/or companies, and Websites produce and permit the Plaintiff, and his counsel of record, to receive, inspect and copy each of the following documents:  "Any and all reports, records, correspondence, notes, memoranda, or other documents, which evidence the name and address of the user/profile that generated comments regarding Justin Jenkins from IP address located at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

 Such production and inspection may be provided by mail, electronic transmission, and/or the place where the documents or things are regularly kept or at some other reasonable place designated by you.    You have the option to deliver or mail legible copies of documents or things to the party causing the issuance of this subpoena but you may condition such activity on your part upon the payment in advance by the party causing the issuance of this subpoena of the reasonable costs of the making of such copies.  You have the right to object at any time prior to the date set forth  in this subpoena for compliance.  Should you choose to object, you should communicate such objection in writing to the party causing the issuance of this subpoena and stating, with respect to any item or category to which objection is made, your reasons for such objection.
I responded asking who I would contact to validate this blatantly suspicious subpoena. I never received a reply. After a few days, I looked up the court phone number and called them myself. The court records showed nothing from Anita or Justin Jenkins. The clerk told me to get the case number from the lawyer. I sent an email asking for the case number. When this email wasn't responded to promptly, I sent a further email indicating that I would inform the lawyers court and bar if I didn't hear back. The lawyer eventually responded that the subpoena was actually just a draft. I'll let the reader formulate their own opinion on the given evidence.
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