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Tue, 26 May 2009 03:31:54 GMT
Pompous NBA

If an NBA team played like a NCAA college team, then they would win an NBA championship hands down. Unfortunately, most every single players in the NBA has a bloated egos, even the twelfth player at the end of the bench. They are pompous and selfish. Denver is the prime example. JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony and Anderson are three extremely selfish players. Carmelo can't hit anything tonight, yet he still has taken the most shots on his team. JR Smith has taken several ill-advised 3-pointers, taken a dumb technical foul for no apparent reason with a big lead and put in minimal effort on two free throws. Anderson, well he played amazing tonight, but he's more often than not, the selfish one. And somehow, the Nuggets are still winning by double digits.

Update: With 1 minute on the clock and a 17 point lead, the Nugget players took 2 shots with 23-24 seconds on the shot clock within 2 seconds. Basketball is not a team game. It's a very very selfish game when teams win  playing like that.

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