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Tue, 09 Jun 2009 17:53:33 GMT
Sports Trivia Posers
You have to love sports trivia posers. Now, admittedly I'm also wrong on sports trivia once in awhile, but I'm amazed how many people will sit at a bar and BS their friends to death on sports trivia.

Today, I had that pleasure. First, the guy told his friends that Jean Beliveau won 15 cups as a player and two as an executive. I told him, it was only ten as a player and Henri Richard had 11. Then, he bragged to his friends that the U.S. Miracle on Ice game was actually a semi-final game and not a finals. I told him it was neither, rather it was a round robin system. He looked at me stunned, he clearly thought I was stupid. He then wondered with his friends where Canada was at that Olympics, but I knew he wouldn't believe me when I told him the Olympics didn't allow professionals back then. Finally, they started talking about the overpriced TFC versus AC Milan game this summer. I told them I thought it was Real Madrid and excused myself from any further conversation. Honestly, the average sports fan knows next to nothing of which he speaks.

The funny part is that these guys were older then me and should remember Jean Beliveau and the Miracle on Ice better than I. In fact, I never saw Beliveau play.

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