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Wed, 10 Jun 2009 18:04:58 GMT
Talk Sports Athlete FAQ
  1. How do I get a premium membership?
    All athletes with forums on Talk-Sports can get a free bronze membership. Simply send us an email ( for instructions. To get a silver or gold premium membership, please visit the upgrade webpage and review your options.
  2. How do I get abusive comments deleted?
    You can get comments deleted, by clicking the report abuse link below every comment. This will send us an email, so that we may investigate. You can also buy a premium membership to delete comments yourself and help us moderate forums. All athletes with forums on Talk-Sports can get a free bronze membership.
  3. How can I monitor my forums without having to remember to visit Talk-Sports everyday?
    Every forum has an email subscription widget from Reblinks. You'll find the widget down the right sidebar. Reblinks will send you an email everytime your forum is updated.
  4. The report abuse mailto link doesn't work on my computer?
    Your computer's mailto link handler needs to be fix. See the following webpage for helping setting up your computer.
  5. I just purchased a membership, how do I?
    You just signed up for a paid Talk-Sports membership? It can take 5 minutes and sometimes several days to get your account activated. You can help speed this up, by creating a Talk-Sports password, if you don't already have one.
  6. How do I delete comments?
    If your Talk-Sports account is activated, then you should see a delete link on the left of every comment, that allows you to delete the comment.  Each membership level can delete a fixed amount of comments per calendar month. You can check how many deletes you have left from the profile webpage.
  7. How do I get IP addresses?
    If your silver or gold Talk-Sports account is activated, then you should see the IP address on the left of most comment. Note that bronze memberships cannot see IP addresses.
  8. How do I upgrade my membership?
    If you already have a paid Talk-Sports membership and want to upgrade the level, then simply buy the new membership from the upgrade page and cancel the old subscription. We may choose to refund a portion of your new membership.
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