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Wed, 17 Jun 2009 03:05:54 GMT
What Happend to Sound Baseball?

I find that a lot of games this season are being decided by players screwing up. Let's start with Luis Castillo's total blunder.

Not only does he miss the easy game ending popup, but then he doesn't have the presence to throw the ball home and instead softly tosses to 2nd allowing the run to score easily.

Then there's Milton Bradley of the Cubs.

This isn't just a mental error. This guy makes an easy catch and decided he's gonna showboat, like he's amazing for catching a routine fly ball. He stands there like an idiot trying posing to maximize his camera time before throwing the ball into the crowd.

Still not enough? Today, with less than 2 outs and the bases loaded, Alex Rios of the Jays forgets to tag up on a fly ball, forcing him to return to third on what would've been a uncontesting sacrifice fly. Worse, the completely unsound baseball team known also as the Jays scored ZERO runs on 7 consecutive bases loaded situations before finally scoring on the 8th occurence via a bases loaded walk. No video yet on this stupidity, but we've already got Alex making a fool of himself on YouTube.

The typical MLB player is so pompous. I'm amazed that fans continue to want to watch these guys. And I haven't even mentioned that Sammy Sosa was added to the list of ballplayers that did steroids and repeatedly lied about it, including to congress. 

MLB under Bud Selig has turned into a complete joke.

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