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Mon, 10 Aug 2009 15:46:19 GMT
Inside Pocono Raceway

Once inside the Pocono Raceway, your options compared to other tracks like Daytona, become very limited. The raceway is in the middle of nowhere, so walking outside and around the track isn't very fun at all. It's surrounded by forest. Inside the track, there is some entertainment, but very little.

They had a Bacardi tent that served alcohol, a stage where they played blue-grass Friday and Saturday nights, some discount NASCAR shopping tents, Gyro hut, Coco Bongos (virgin mixed drinks), the SpeedTV stage, a Kid's Zone. Some pics attached.



We had about 3-4 gyros, a half dozen virgin mixed drinks, a half dozen corn dogs. We walked back and forth from the entertainment area about twice daily. You have to make your own fun to fill the gaps.

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