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Mon, 19 Oct 2009 16:19:33 GMT
The Leaf Laughers
Here's my eval of the Leafs this season. Brian Burke has turned out to be an idiot. Toskala sucks! Kulemin sucks! Primeau sucks! Stempniak really sucks! Mayers sucks! Blake really sucks! When your GM, starting goalie and 5 of your forwards suck or really suck, then you will lose a lot of games. Kulemin, Stempniak and Blake are three of our best scoring forwards and have three points combined over 18 games played. Somehow, Wilson benches Stajan and Hagman, our top and goal scorers and point producers. Wilson, have you watched Stempniak and Blake? Both play so far from the oppositions net that they might as well be in the pressbox. Oh wait, I forgot, Ron Wilson sucks too! He won't get fired because his friend is the GM. I'm guessing this off-season has set the Leafs Laughs back another two years. Maybe we'll make the playoffs in 2012.
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