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Sun, 04 Apr 2010 13:57:00 GMT
Nashville Superspeedway

On Friday, we stopped by the Nashville Superspeedway. The Camping World Truck Series race was that nice and the Nationwide the next day.


At first, we parked the RV near the front entrace. As you can see, there was next to nobody there to watch truck qualifying and the practices.


We hit merchandise alley.


The Air Force brought in a pretty cool car. Each front seat has a 17 inch screen.


Hornaday drove this truck two years ago.


This is Brad Keselowsky's new ride. Both my elder kids were allowed to sit in the car. The youngest was back at the RV.


Then we moved the RV to the top of the nearby cliff and we were able to watch practice and qualifying without paying a dime.


But before the truck race started, someone came by and asked us for our tickets. We left before the race.


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