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Sun, 22 Aug 2010 06:15:21 GMT
Leaving Pocono

Summer Vacation, Day 25, August 2nd 2010.

The morning after the big race. The RV is a mess.


Actually, the entire Pocono infield is a mess.


In fact, I'm a mess.


I can't believe we got a fenceline RV spot two years running. Last year, we stayed in spot 6.


Before I started packing up. At this point, there's on a few dozen RVs left in the infield.


Leaving via the tunnel in turn 2.


Video leaving thru the tunnel. At the very end of the vid, my mirror hits the sidedoor. "Oh Jezz!"

On the way home, we drive right by The Glen, the next race. The two Sprint trucks pulling off followed us from Pocono.


And then we went home and the vacation was temporarily over :_(

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