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Sat, 18 Sep 2010 02:12:37 GMT
Who is Boris Bird?
Of late, many Talk-Sports users have been complaining about a user they call Boris Bird. I’ve investigated the complaints and there’s no evidence of this person’s existence.  

Boris is a made up personality of Laureen Foat to disguise her own cyber-bullying.  He fist appeared around August 22nd last month. Laureen claims he’s from Sacramento and that he had a Facebook account, but erased it. Nobody saw his FB except Laureen, who bought it up in her cyber-bully forum. Laureen also claims to have been an FB friend of Boris. Many of the IPs from Sacramento that people claim are Boris Bird, are posting in Laureen Foat’s forum and defending Laureen, occasion claiming all the same craziness that Laureen spews on a regular basis and attacking the same people that Laureen has been attacking for years.

That’s simply too much evidence to ignore. Boris Bird is either Laureen or a friend of Laureen’s. End of story.

Further, many of the IP addresses that were reported as Boris, have not been active on Talk-Sports for two years and many are not even from the Sacramento area. I suspect that Boris has taken on a life of his own and that every time a bully appears someone cries Boris.
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