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Sun, 14 Apr 2013 23:52:43 GMT

Lately, I've been rudely introdued to the term psychosis. Two relatives, a friend of a friend and too many ppl to count on Talk-Sports. Here's a recent anonymous message I got from a Talk-Sports user. RMEs!

I told about being surveilled and stalked but it wouldn't let me post it here so you need to pass on to you know who that unless I get an explanation why and the information was passed back and forth on here ,here is some proof ,they are not rhinestones but diamonds ,yes I use coupons ,we have photos of the ones watching ,license numbers ,etc.and know they took photos with a Nikon there plenty more all this goes to some one who NASCAR will ban if they reveal other stuff but they will print and expose this and that will come out as well not me but someone with that contact. No Open time frame on the why or explanation for and only from the person that wanted it done.,clocks ticking pass this on to you know who

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