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Sun, 21 Sep 2014 04:13:28 GMT
2014 MLB All-Star Team

My 2014 MLB all-star team. Note the team is not the 25 best stats, but rather the 25 that actually help their teams win. Many of the fielders were picked basaed on a combination of fielding and hitting stats, rather than simply who got the most HRs. I also included 3 non-starting non-stopping relievers.

Starters Clayton Kershaw
  Felix Hernandez
  Adam Wainwright
  Johnny Cueto
  Corey Kluber
  Max Scherzer
Relievers Craig Kimbrel
  Greg Holland
  Hudson Street
  Tony Watson
  Wade Davis
  Dellin Betances
Catchers Buster Posey
  Yadier Molina
Firstbase Miguel Cabrera
Secondbase Robinson Cano
Thirdbase Josh Donaldson
Shortstop Alexei Ramirez
Infield Ian Kinsler
Utility Ben Zobrist
Leftfield Yoenis Cepedes
Centerfield Mike Trout
Rightfield Jose Bautista
Outfield Andrew McCutchen
DH Victor Martinez
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