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Tue, 22 Mar 2011 13:46:49 GMT
Drunk Woman Scorned

We all know about a woman scorned, but what happens when they are drunk. They  post on Talk-Sports.

And second of all i been to school,you need to go back all up an someone else stuff.If you know my i got my tooth fix so please come your homework then maybe just maybe i would of felt hurt but it did'nt work.A hoe never his wit a messy hoe but you don't see that you wanna act like it's not an front of you.Trash is what i think of both of them.Only you kissing his butt never me i am going to say what ever at least it's the truth real facts...........All that money an still fighttin wat for ,let me see he still ghetto an stupid hope she take him for all he got ....................You a weak person for even comin at me like that 
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