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Wed, 06 Apr 2011 04:35:19 GMT
Cute Posts
Another cute email from a Talk-Sports fan who think the athlete can be contacted thru the site.
hi my name is danny and can you pleas go to my birthday party if you can hears my adrass {removed}
Wed, 23 Mar 2011 15:14:14 GMT
Brain Cramp Email

Here's a cute and brain cramping email I got recently. Intended for the athlete. I can't believe ppl write like this.

dear jeff hardy you are my frovite wrestler and ihave a crush on you and ihave drames about you ilove you so much all my heart and you and iam her support you on the ting and you are and tell you that your evreyone want your tna world haveay chanpionshiptiles are get back and fromyour girlfirend of a mmiortal and the anti chirst madkiss sxey mama
Tue, 22 Mar 2011 13:29:16 GMT
More Cute Fan Emails

Got the following email from a fan thinking it would find it's way to their infatuation.

hi chirs brown i love you and i now you what to go out with me and i love you so much but my mom and dad i cant love you but now i what to out with you and my name is jennifer and you what to come and see me my things is when you what to come and see me kkk {name} ok ok ok love you i can went to see you ok bye love you and you can call me at {phone number} call me ok love you bye love you
Thu, 27 Jan 2011 15:17:06 GMT
Donna Wofford Talk-Sports Cyber-Bully
Donna apparently use to date a minor league baseball player. Now her, her sister Kim and her friends (Stacy Hurley & Melissa Thomas) live on her exes girlfriend forum. You know what they say about woman scorned.

In early December, Donna texted her ex and told him she was committing suicid. He called 911. Comments were placed on Talk-Sports (supposedly from her sister) that she took her life. Sister’s don’t brag on public forums that their sister committed suicide. I tried to verify her death, but nobody died in Florida that month by her name. Her family promised to provide me proof, but I’ve received nothing. I called her phone number and someone answered. She said it was her sister. I emailed her and her sister replied. I suspect in most all cases that it was actually her and not her family.

Their latest post from January 25th.

its Kim, Donnas sister. Old news I know but....I have a pic of {ex’s} new girlfriend...she is discusting....gross....she weighs about 250 and boobs down to her knees....She sent my sister a pic and she forwarded it to we both couldnt stop laughing. I am glad my sister isnt sleeping with him anymore. Hey {ex}, any green pus comming out of your little guy??? You may want to go to the health department to get some test run...I am just saying??? LOL

Apparently over a month after her suicide, Donna sent a pic of his new gf to her sister. Further, their continues to be posts on the players forum from the same IP address used by Donna over a month after her supposed suicide.

Other comments left from Donna, family and friends.


I came on here because on {player name} page it said that {ex} was lucky because he was with an older woman who was good at oral and loved 3somes. But its been deleted. So {ex} must have been telling someone.

They are thru! They were f buddies and she was no prize either! Don't know if he has anyone now probably the chicks at the swingers place.

Donna and Marc hadn't slept together in over a year before she met {ex}. He cheated first so She went out looking and found {ex}, thats what I read on another site about them. Have fun girl, I wish I had so many men wanting me! You must know what your doing!

Yes Randy this is Donna's sister she passed on the 8th and this phone will be shut off sometime today. a life beautiful life has been lost.

Off herself?? Who is asking this? She is dead. I hope that all the people involved in hurting and accusing her are happy! Let her rest in oeace and keep her off this ridiculous blog!

I previously advised Donna if the abuse didn’t stop, that I’d create this webpage to document her behavior for everybody to see. It’s done.
Wed, 10 Nov 2010 16:07:26 GMT
Report Abuse Enhanced
I rebuilt the report abuse mechanism in Talk-Sports. It still works the same when not logged-in, but when logged-in you get a popup window instead of the old mailto handler. This should allow more people to report abuse. It also sends me the entire post in the email and a delete link. Let's see how it goes.
Fri, 22 Oct 2010 16:21:49 GMT
Nice Email

A nice email I got this week. I wouldn't necessary recommend for kids, it's a little crazy, but none-the-less it was nice.

I got enrolled to ask about Dallas cowboys players on how they become what they are now, is for my grandson behalf he is beggening to play at middle school and his favorite is Dallas cowboys team and his players are Miles Austin and Tony Romo and eversince he joint the football team he has picked up his grades and he look more advance in school and sports, you may not know but you are doing a greate impact on young kids and teenagers to get more envolve in sports specially football and they see players as thier idols to follow thier steps and I can see his eagerance to be at school and football practices every day. Thank you for neing there for the sake of our kids.
Wed, 20 Oct 2010 15:54:38 GMT
Reblinks Enabled

Today, I re-enabled Reblinks for all the forums. This allows you to get an email everytime someone posts on a forum you want to follow. See the widget in the right sidebar of each forum. This use to work, but I had to shut it down this summer because Reblinks got too popular too fast and I was sending more emails than my provider allowed for causing the entire system to behave poorly. I'll see how things go this week.

Sat, 18 Sep 2010 02:50:50 GMT
Today Tonight Slander?
On July 16th, an australian TV show called Today Tonight supposedly did a show on   According to some people that I’ve chatted with, the show reporter Jonathan Creek called me an Internet Conman.

I reviewed my emails and prior to the show I received one email from Jonathan where he asked if there was a complaint process for the website and I told him that  “There's a report abuse link aside every single comment. Please click that link and submit a complaint and we will review it.”

Around the same time I received that one email from Jonathan, I also received emails from the Australian Football League Players Association asking for comments to be deleted, which I did. I suspect that Jonathan and the association were in contact at the time, possibly to interview people for the show.

I’ve attempted to contact the show to get a copy of the episode and find out what was said.
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 21:04:10 GMT
Emily Oldfield's Photographer to Sue

More fun every day. Emily Oldfield is pushing her photographer to sue for copyright infringements. She also claims that I almost killed her. She's been harassing me with emails for the last week.

Emily is another one of out famous Talk-Sports cyber-bullies.

Wed, 15 Sep 2010 23:52:45 GMT
Marketa Linden, Talk-Sports Cyber-Bully
Marketa Linden is a bully who lives on the Sidney Crosby girlfriend forum. She claims to be a super model, singer and royalty. Nobody has any pictures of her modeling, nor has anybody been able to find a copy of her single “The Life in the Confidence.” She claims her title is Her Royal Highness Princess Marketa of Bohemia, Duchess of Windsor, but I highly doubt that’s true. She appears to have a Czech upbringing, which might explain why her written English is nearly incomprehensible and full of mispelt words.

She quite often send emails using fake names. But it’s obviously the same person as the messages contain the same nearly incomprehensible English and spelling mistakes.

She claims that Kathy Leutner, Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend is harassing her and making death threats. She has never been able to substantiate the death threats. She has provided screenshot of abusive comments left on her Blogspot blog. There’s no proof that the comments are actually from Kathy Leutner.

She began contacting me in April of this year with wild accusation and within a week was threatening to sue Talk-Sports for $1,000,000.
Lately, I was contact by Pittsburgh Penguins security. It appears she’s been sending the same threatening emails to Penguin staff.

Marketa’s Blogspot blog

Cache of her blog before she protected it

Marketa’s Czech blog

Pic of Marketa

Press releases about Marketa

Marketa’s Facebook

Marketa’s Twitter

Another of her blogs.

Her corporate website.

Example of her Talk-Sports comments
Sun, 02 May 2010 00:24:23 GMT
Terrence Wheatley's Privacy Rights

This week, I received an email from Terrence Wheatley's general counsel informing us that they believe that Talk-Sports' Terrence Wheatley's Girlfriend Forum violates his privacy rights, that it is actionable in court and they reserve the right to take such legal action. Terrence plays for the New England Patriots.

Sat, 17 Apr 2010 14:54:02 GMT
Cutest Emails

I get the cutest emails from young kids who think that their fav athlete will get emails sent to Talk-Sports. Here's the latest.

HI SIDNEY  I     AM NINE YEARS OLD  I JUST HERD    that you had web pages!!!!!!$$$$$$                    i do not miss a game whether             it is 5:00   OR  10:00 AT NIGHT ........I     HAVE NOWNE     ABOUT YOU FOR SUM    YEARS !!!!
Wed, 03 Feb 2010 22:48:19 GMT
Laureen Foat, Talk-Sports Cyber-Bully

Laureen FoatMost likely the biggest cyber-bully ever on Talk-Sports is Laureen Foat. This cougar has been fighting with everybody on the Pau Gasol forum for several years now. She appears to hang also on the Manny Ramirez, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant, Marc Gasol. She has been banned on numerous occasions only to return with new usernames and IP addresses.

Here are her various Talk-Sports blogs.

Here's some fragments from the very classy emails we receive on sometimes an hourly basis from her.

You can also check her out on Facebook.

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 23:26:42 GMT
ARCA 200 at Pocono Raceway

Saturday morning, August 1st was final practice for the Pennsylvania 500. On the first lap and before we had finished breakfast, Tony Stewart hit the wall in turn 3 (where we were).


Saturday was also the Pennsylvania ARCA 200 at Pocono Raceway. We had infield seats for the weekend, but everybody from the infield was allowed in the pit area, grandstand and fan fair (no cost).



I have to thank Sprint Nextel for the free Internet. This allowed me to catch up on my emails and maintaining the Talk-Sports website.


It had been raining all weekend and both (ARCA and Sprint) Friday qualifying sessions were cancelled. Our own RV site was overwhelmed with water and we moved our RV to occupy the dry spot of two adjacent sites.


Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:35:11 GMT
BEST, NFL Players and LaRon Landry

I have received emails and letters sent from BEST, an agency representing athletes and NFL Players. They are threatening legal action against for comments on our website and they discuss measures they will take to shutdown In addition, they have acted upon one of the measures. The emails were sent on behalf of LaRon Landry, an NFL player.

The emails have included a letter from the NFL Players (the players union) to Rapid Spiral Development Inc., the owner of The letter was supposedly faxed and mailed first class to Rapid Spiral. Rapid Spiral has never had a fax, we do not recall ever receiving the letter, nor do we have such a letter on file. The letter from NFL Players may be fraudulent. We have emailed Tim Christine (Directory of Security) and Tom DePaso (Regional Director) of the NFL Players Association to verify the authenticity of the letter. Neither has responded.

We can only assume from their actions and inactions that BEST and NFL Players are attempting to have shutdown. We have no choice at this time, but to suspend our free bronze membership program for all NFL players. We will send this blog entry as an email to all the affected players.

Fri, 19 Jun 2009 15:06:39 GMT
Exclusive Cup Party Pics

Someone emailed us the following exclusive pics from the Stanley Cup party at Mario Lemieux's house.

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