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Tue, 22 Mar 2011 13:29:16 GMT
More Cute Fan Emails

Got the following email from a fan thinking it would find it's way to their infatuation.

hi chirs brown i love you and i now you what to go out with me and i love you so much but my mom and dad i cant love you but now i what to out with you and my name is jennifer and you what to come and see me my things is when you what to come and see me kkk {name} ok ok ok love you i can went to see you ok bye love you and you can call me at {phone number} call me ok love you bye love you
Wed, 20 Oct 2010 15:54:38 GMT
Reblinks Enabled

Today, I re-enabled Reblinks for all the forums. This allows you to get an email everytime someone posts on a forum you want to follow. See the widget in the right sidebar of each forum. This use to work, but I had to shut it down this summer because Reblinks got too popular too fast and I was sending more emails than my provider allowed for causing the entire system to behave poorly. I'll see how things go this week.

Sat, 18 Sep 2010 02:50:50 GMT
Today Tonight Slander?
On July 16th, an australian TV show called Today Tonight supposedly did a show on   According to some people that I’ve chatted with, the show reporter Jonathan Creek called me an Internet Conman.

I reviewed my emails and prior to the show I received one email from Jonathan where he asked if there was a complaint process for the website and I told him that  “There's a report abuse link aside every single comment. Please click that link and submit a complaint and we will review it.”

Around the same time I received that one email from Jonathan, I also received emails from the Australian Football League Players Association asking for comments to be deleted, which I did. I suspect that Jonathan and the association were in contact at the time, possibly to interview people for the show.

I’ve attempted to contact the show to get a copy of the episode and find out what was said.
Thu, 16 Sep 2010 21:04:10 GMT
Emily Oldfield's Photographer to Sue

More fun every day. Emily Oldfield is pushing her photographer to sue for copyright infringements. She also claims that I almost killed her. She's been harassing me with emails for the last week.

Emily is another one of out famous Talk-Sports cyber-bullies.

Wed, 15 Sep 2010 23:52:45 GMT
Marketa Linden, Talk-Sports Cyber-Bully
Marketa Linden is a bully who lives on the Sidney Crosby girlfriend forum. She claims to be a super model, singer and royalty. Nobody has any pictures of her modeling, nor has anybody been able to find a copy of her single “The Life in the Confidence.” She claims her title is Her Royal Highness Princess Marketa of Bohemia, Duchess of Windsor, but I highly doubt that’s true. She appears to have a Czech upbringing, which might explain why her written English is nearly incomprehensible and full of mispelt words.

She quite often send emails using fake names. But it’s obviously the same person as the messages contain the same nearly incomprehensible English and spelling mistakes.

She claims that Kathy Leutner, Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend is harassing her and making death threats. She has never been able to substantiate the death threats. She has provided screenshot of abusive comments left on her Blogspot blog. There’s no proof that the comments are actually from Kathy Leutner.

She began contacting me in April of this year with wild accusation and within a week was threatening to sue Talk-Sports for $1,000,000.
Lately, I was contact by Pittsburgh Penguins security. It appears she’s been sending the same threatening emails to Penguin staff.

Marketa’s Blogspot blog

Cache of her blog before she protected it

Marketa’s Czech blog

Pic of Marketa

Press releases about Marketa

Marketa’s Facebook

Marketa’s Twitter

Another of her blogs.

Her corporate website.

Example of her Talk-Sports comments
Sat, 17 Apr 2010 14:54:02 GMT
Cutest Emails

I get the cutest emails from young kids who think that their fav athlete will get emails sent to Talk-Sports. Here's the latest.

HI SIDNEY  I     AM NINE YEARS OLD  I JUST HERD    that you had web pages!!!!!!$$$$$$                    i do not miss a game whether             it is 5:00   OR  10:00 AT NIGHT ........I     HAVE NOWNE     ABOUT YOU FOR SUM    YEARS !!!!
Wed, 03 Feb 2010 22:48:19 GMT
Laureen Foat, Talk-Sports Cyber-Bully

Laureen FoatMost likely the biggest cyber-bully ever on Talk-Sports is Laureen Foat. This cougar has been fighting with everybody on the Pau Gasol forum for several years now. She appears to hang also on the Manny Ramirez, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant, Marc Gasol. She has been banned on numerous occasions only to return with new usernames and IP addresses.

Here are her various Talk-Sports blogs.

Here's some fragments from the very classy emails we receive on sometimes an hourly basis from her.

You can also check her out on Facebook.

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 23:26:42 GMT
ARCA 200 at Pocono Raceway

Saturday morning, August 1st was final practice for the Pennsylvania 500. On the first lap and before we had finished breakfast, Tony Stewart hit the wall in turn 3 (where we were).


Saturday was also the Pennsylvania ARCA 200 at Pocono Raceway. We had infield seats for the weekend, but everybody from the infield was allowed in the pit area, grandstand and fan fair (no cost).



I have to thank Sprint Nextel for the free Internet. This allowed me to catch up on my emails and maintaining the Talk-Sports website.


It had been raining all weekend and both (ARCA and Sprint) Friday qualifying sessions were cancelled. Our own RV site was overwhelmed with water and we moved our RV to occupy the dry spot of two adjacent sites.


Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:35:11 GMT
BEST, NFL Players and LaRon Landry

I have received emails and letters sent from BEST, an agency representing athletes and NFL Players. They are threatening legal action against for comments on our website and they discuss measures they will take to shutdown In addition, they have acted upon one of the measures. The emails were sent on behalf of LaRon Landry, an NFL player.

The emails have included a letter from the NFL Players (the players union) to Rapid Spiral Development Inc., the owner of The letter was supposedly faxed and mailed first class to Rapid Spiral. Rapid Spiral has never had a fax, we do not recall ever receiving the letter, nor do we have such a letter on file. The letter from NFL Players may be fraudulent. We have emailed Tim Christine (Directory of Security) and Tom DePaso (Regional Director) of the NFL Players Association to verify the authenticity of the letter. Neither has responded.

We can only assume from their actions and inactions that BEST and NFL Players are attempting to have shutdown. We have no choice at this time, but to suspend our free bronze membership program for all NFL players. We will send this blog entry as an email to all the affected players.

Mon, 25 May 2009 16:29:47 GMT
Katrina Gibbs (and Justin Jenkins)
A few weeks ago, I got an email from an attorney named Katrina Gibbs. She was representing Anita Lewis Jenkins regarding comments made about Justin Jenkins. Katrina attached a subpoena from the Chancery Court of Hinds County State of Mississippi. The subpoena was delivered in a Word perfect document, which honestly was very suspicious. Most subpoena are hand delivered, in hard copy or at least in PDF image form. I didn't have an editor that recognized the old format WPD document, nor was I interested in opening an attachment from a stranger. I replied that I don't open attachments from strangers. She asked how she could deliver a subpoena to me and I gave her several options.

In the meanwhile, I received and email from Anita Jenkins asking why I was ignoring her attorney's emails. I told her that her attorney was lying and that I had responded to all her emails.

Finally, I received a textual version of the subpoena. The content of the subpoena follows (some edits).



 JUSTIN JENKINS                                                                              Petitioner/Plaintiff


 vs.                                                                                                Cause No. ___________________


 JANE DOE                                                                                          Respondent/Defendant




 TO:     Randy Charles Morin    

 You are hereby commanded to do each of the following acts at the instance of the Plaintiff, Justin Jenkins, after receipt of this subpoena.

             That your company, and/or associated and/or companies, and Websites produce and permit the Plaintiff, and his counsel of record, to receive, inspect and copy each of the following documents:  "Any and all reports, records, correspondence, notes, memoranda, or other documents, which evidence the name and address of the user/profile that generated comments regarding Justin Jenkins from IP address located at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

 Such production and inspection may be provided by mail, electronic transmission, and/or the place where the documents or things are regularly kept or at some other reasonable place designated by you.    You have the option to deliver or mail legible copies of documents or things to the party causing the issuance of this subpoena but you may condition such activity on your part upon the payment in advance by the party causing the issuance of this subpoena of the reasonable costs of the making of such copies.  You have the right to object at any time prior to the date set forth  in this subpoena for compliance.  Should you choose to object, you should communicate such objection in writing to the party causing the issuance of this subpoena and stating, with respect to any item or category to which objection is made, your reasons for such objection.
I responded asking who I would contact to validate this blatantly suspicious subpoena. I never received a reply. After a few days, I looked up the court phone number and called them myself. The court records showed nothing from Anita or Justin Jenkins. The clerk told me to get the case number from the lawyer. I sent an email asking for the case number. When this email wasn't responded to promptly, I sent a further email indicating that I would inform the lawyers court and bar if I didn't hear back. The lawyer eventually responded that the subpoena was actually just a draft. I'll let the reader formulate their own opinion on the given evidence.
Fri, 24 Oct 2008 15:30:14 GMT
RotoHog Sucks

Hopefully any potential advertisers will find this before they publish RotoHog ads. I entered into an advertising agreement where RotoHog paid me $200 up front, but would pay me an additional amount per conversion. When it came time for RotoHog to provide me with conversion stats, they simply ignored the emails (my contact was Ryan Mantor). They did try to renew the advertising, but I told them until they settled the first contract, that I would not be renewing them. Since they did want to renew, I'm sure they were happy with the number of conversions they got. I can only assume they received a lot more conversion than anticipated and don't want to pay me my share. If you do advertising for RotoHog, make sure you get paid up front or you may get screwed like me. Do not enter into a pay per conversion agreement with them.

Update: I just found out RotoHog laid off a large chunk of their company. I guess I know why they aren't paying their bills.

Thu, 16 Oct 2008 03:47:15 GMT
Tiffany Berryman

Every once in awhile, I get support emails related to Talk-Sports from a real quack. One of these real quacks is Tiffany Berryman.  I don't know who she is, but I think she's the person that runs the following sports gossip blog []. Whenever someone writes a comment about her, she threatens to sue me. Everytime, I tell her that she needs only click the report abuse link and it'll be deleted. Yet everytime, she send me another threatening email. The comments she wants deleted are often that she's a quack (or similar). I've decided that I won't delete any more comments about her being nuts, although it is somewhat abusive, it's mostly factual.

Wed, 06 Aug 2008 06:47:08 GMT
Your People

Being the creator and owner of the Talk-Sports website, I find myself of late dealing mostly with athletes, their agents and their friends. It's become very obvious to me that your people define you, especially the perception of you. Most people who email me are very friendly and understand that I'm running a sports website and trying my hardest to weigh the concerns of the athlete against the will of the fans. It's a very difficult task that requires me to decide which of the thousands of comments posted today cross the line and should be deleted. Figuring out which comments is the most difficult task, but fortunately we have 127 moderators right now that help me and hundreds of others than send me emails pointing me to the worst of the posts.

Then there are the 5% that ruin it for everybody else. First they ask that I delete a comment or two, which I do, because it's easier for me to do it, then to deal with the questions of why I can't. After they realize I'm acting on their requests (I've given them an inch), they ask for the world (want a mile). Not only do they want me to delete the comments on their athletes blog that are abusive, but now they want me to delete the comments from legit fans who simply say "He's the best." When I refuse? They threaten to sue me. BTW, total days in court yet equals zero.

Enter Denise White. Publicist for many athletes like Antonio Gates and Shaun Phillips. She has to be the worst agent (no publicist) that I've ever encountered. After one encounter over Antonio Gates blog that went very well, she now has gone over the edge with Shaun Phillips. It was unacceptable that I delete the abusive post on Shaun's blog. I had to remove all of Mr. Phillips blogs or they would sue me. In fact, she didn't really threaten to sue, she threatened to empty my wallet in lawyer fees. So, even though I was willing to delete any post she ask, I was gonna get my ass sued, if I didn't remove the non-abusive posts from fans that wanted to tell Shaun how much they loved him.

When I investigated Shaun's blog, I found that Denise was the author of most all the recent comments, of which, most all were lies. At this point, I had to wonder about Denise's motives. Some have suggested she's trying to create publicity for her client, thru my website. Others have suggested she's trying to validate her price to Shaun.

I'm not gonna validate Denise by pointing to her website, but I will mention that she claims to provide services beyond that of an agent. One of her advertised services is providing Internet websites, like Shaun Phillip's site. Check it out!

The website is a complete joke. Shaun should fire her for this alone. The website presents 9 major pages and more than half of those pages are completely empty. He needed a publicist to create a dead website?

Anyhow, in the last week, I've received about 6-10 threatening phone calls and more than a dozen threatening emails from her. Finally, a couple of Shaun's friends emailed me with his personal email address so that I could make certain he was aware of the ongoings. I emailed Shaun and hopefully he'll get back to me or at least muzzle her.

Back to my point. Your people define you. If you have a publicist going around threatening people, then you likely aren't gonna have a great public image, because people like me simply aren't gonna read your emails or take your phone calls or take you seriously. Make certain you surround yourself with good people or you'll be in the same boat as Shaun.

Sun, 25 May 2008 05:08:51 GMT
CAA Sports
In early April, CAA Sports sent me a PDF. I don't open attachments from strangers, so I simply replied such and asked them to send me text. They never did. Today, while reviewing my emails, I decided to convert the PDF to text myself and read it. CAA Sports has demanded that I stop using their client's names and pictures. They claim "The unauthorized misappropriation of an individual's name and likeness for a commercial purpose is an infringement of his personal rights, privacy rights and common law trademark rights". Wow! Sounds like some pretty phony claims. I'm just wondering what the fans think of their heros threatening legal action for using their names. This letter was specific to Warrick Dunn, but CAA also asked me to remove their other clients; Brady Quinn, Tony Romo, Cadillac Williams, Mark Clayton and Malt Stover.
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